Register-Based Statistics: Registers and the National Statistical System

Wallgren, Britt, Wallgren, Anders


In this third edition of Register-Based Statistics, the authors introduce new sections and topics with a wider geographical coverage not explored in the previous editions. As registers define a new area in survey methodology, this edition explores how the relationship between register-based statistics and Big Data can be used to full potential.

New topics explored include:

  • How statistical institutes can work on long-term projects to improve administrative systems
  • Estimation methods to improve the quality of statistical estimates based on registers with quality problems
  • How to improve how register-statistical issues are introduced
  • How to create population registers

Based on their teaching experiences in twelve countries, the authors offer suggestions on how to improve register-statistical issues.

Register-based Statistics: Registers and the National Statistical System, 3rd Edition is a must for anyone teaching or working official statistics and survey methodology. The book addresses both introductory and advanced levels - no prerequisite technical knowledge is required, but an understanding of statistics production and related survey methods and quality issues will be helpful.


Anders Wallgren and Britt Wallgren worked for many years in teaching and research as senior lecturers in statistics at Stockholm, Linköping and Örebro universities. They have also worked as consultants for several Swedish manufacturing industries. In connection with these consulting assignments, they began working with corporate administrative registers and developed statistical methods for business intelligence.

After their academic career, they came to Statistics Sweden and worked for about 20 years at the Department of Research and Development. They worked mainly with survey methodology for the statistical registers which form the basis for the production of official statistics in Sweden.

Since 2011 they have provided courses and consulting services on behalf of the Inter-American Development Bank in several Latin American countries and in the Caribbean.