Investment Banking: Valuation, Lbos, M&a, and IPOs, 3/e (Hardcover)

Rosenbaum, Joshua, Pearl, Joshua, Perella, Joseph R.


A timely update to the global bestselling book on investment banking and valuation - this new edition reflects valuable contributions from Nasdaq and the global law firm Latham & Watkins LLP plus access to the online valuation models and course.

In the constantly evolving world of finance, a solid technical foundation is an essential tool for success. Due to the fast-paced nature of this world, however, no one was able to take the time to properly codify its lifeblood--namely, valuation and dealmaking. Rosenbaum and Pearl originally responded to this need in 2009 by writing the first edition of the book that they wish had existed when they were trying to break into Wall Street.

Investment Banking: Valuation, LBOs, M&A, and IPOs, 3rd Edition is a highly accessible and authoritative book written by investment bankers that explains how to perform the valuation work and financial analysis at the core of Wall Street - comparable companies, precedent transactions, DCF, LBO, M&A analysis...and now IPO analytics and valuation. Using a step-by-step, how-to approach for each methodology, the authors build a chronological knowledge base and define key terms, financial concepts, and processes throughout the book.

The genesis for the original book stemmed from the authors' personal experiences as students interviewing for investment banking positions. As they both independently went through the rigorous process, they realized that their classroom experiences were a step removed from how valuation and financial analysis were performed in real-world situations. Consequently, they created this book to provide a leg up to those individuals seeking or beginning careers on Wall Street - from students at undergraduate universities and graduate schools to career changers looking to break into finance.

Now, over 10 years after the release of the first edition, the book is more relevant and topical than ever. It is used in over 200 universities globally and has become a go-to resource for investment banks, private equity, investment firms, and corporations undertaking M&A transactions, LBOs, IPOs, restructurings, and investment decisions. While the fundamentals haven't changed, the environment must adapt to changing market developments and conditions. As a result, Rosenbaum and Pearl have updated their widely adopted book accordingly, turning the latest edition of Investment Banking: Valuation, LBOs, M&A, and IPOs into a unique and comprehensive training package, which includes:

  • Two new chapters covering IPOs plus insightful contributions from Nasdaq, the leading U.S. exchange and technology provider for IPOs and new listings, and global law firm Latham & Watkins LLP
  • Access to six downloadable valuation model templates, including Comparable Companies Analysis, Precedent Transactions Analysis, Discounted Cash Flow Analysis, Leveraged Buyout Analysis, and M&A models
  • Six-month access to online Wiley Investment Banking Valuation Course featuring bite-sized lessons, over five hours of video lectures, 100+ practice questions, and other investment banking study tools

Launch your career on Wall Street and hone your financial expertise with Rosenbaum and Pearl's real-world knowledge and forward-looking guidance in the latest edition of Investment Banking: Valuation, LBOs, M&A, and IPOs.


這本全球暢銷的投資銀行和估值書籍的及時更新版反映了納斯達克和全球律師事務所Latham & Watkins LLP的寶貴貢獻,並提供線上估值模型和課程的存取權。





- 兩個新章節,涵蓋IPO,以及來自納斯達克(美國領先的IPO和新上市交易所及技術提供商)和全球律師事務所Latham & Watkins LLP的深入貢獻
- 可下載的六個估值模型模板,包括相似公司分析、先例交易分析、折現現金流分析、槓桿收購分析和併購模型
- 六個月的線上Wiley投資銀行估值課程,包括簡短的課程、超過五小時的視頻講座、100多個練習問題和其他投資銀行學習工具



JOSHUA ROSENBAUM is a Managing Director and Head of the Industrials & Diversified Services Group at RBC Capital Markets. He originates, structures, and advises on M&A, corporate finance, and capital markets transactions. Previously, he worked at UBS Investment Bank and the International Finance Corporation, the direct investment division of the World Bank. He received his AB from Harvard and his MBA with Baker Scholar honors from Harvard Business School.

JOSHUA PEARL has served as a Managing Director at Brahman Capital, a long/short equity asset manager. He focuses on public equity investments and special situations utilizing a fundamentals-based approach. Previously, he structured high yield financings, leveraged buyouts, and restructurings as a Director at UBS Investment Bank. Prior to UBS, he worked at Moelis & Company and Deutsche Bank. He received his BS in Business from Indiana University's Kelley School of Business.


JOSHUA ROSENBAUM 是 RBC Capital Markets 的董事總經理,也是工業和多元化服務部門的負責人。他負責發起、結構化和提供有關併購、企業融資和資本市場交易的建議。此前,他曾在瑞士銀行投資銀行和世界銀行的直接投資部門國際金融公司工作。他在哈佛大學獲得學士學位,並在哈佛商學院以貝克學者榮譽獲得工商管理碩士學位。

JOSHUA PEARL 曾擔任 Brahman Capital 的董事總經理,該公司是一家長/短股權資產管理公司。他專注於公開股權投資和特殊情況,並採用基本面方法。此前,他曾在瑞士銀行投資銀行擔任董事,結構高收益融資、槓桿收購和重組。在加入瑞士銀行之前,他曾在摩利士公司和德意志銀行工作。他在印第安納大學凱利商學院獲得工商學士學位。