E-Paper Displays

Yang, Bo-Ru

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  • 出版日期: 2022-08-15
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An in-depth introduction to a promising technology, curated by one of its pioneering inventors

Electronic paper (e-paper) has one of the most promising futures in technology. E-paper's potential is unlimited, as the displays require extremely low power and imitate the aesthetic of ink on the page. This allows e-paper devices to have a wider range of viewing angles than traditional LED products and are capable of being viewed in direct sunlight--and without any additional power. As a result, e-paper displays create less eye strain, have a greater flexibility in their use, and have the potential to be used in place of paper for billboard advertising, educational applications, and transport signage, and more.

In E-Paper Displays, editor Bo-Ru Yang and his team of experts present a detailed view into the important technologies involved in e-paper displays, with a particlular emphasis on how this technology's unique properties make possible a wide range of personal and professional electronic products. As climate change makes efficient energy use more important than ever, e-paper can become an essential tool for future products on a large scale. As we rely more and more on technology, having lightweight devices with long battery life will become critical. This book provides engineers and innovators with an introduction to this important technology and shows new pathways for development.

E-Paper Displays readers will also find:

  • The editor is one of the leading pioneers in this technology
  • Contributions from an international team of experts in e-paper technology
  • Descriptions of many advanced display types that rely on different principles than the widely used LCD and OLED types
  • Another innovative title from Wiley-SID (Society for Information Displays) series

As we enter a new stage in our industrial development, E-Paper Displays is an essential reference for computer engineers and developers, as well as innovators and scientists, and their students.




電子紙(e-paper)在科技領域擁有極具前景的未來。電子紙的潛力無限,因為它的顯示器需要極低的功耗,並模擬了紙上的墨水美感。這使得電子紙設備具有比傳統LED產品更廣泛的視角範圍,並且能夠在直射陽光下觀看 - 而無需額外的電源。因此,電子紙顯示器減少了眼睛的負擔,具有更大的使用靈活性,並有潛力在廣告牌、教育應用和交通標誌等領域取代紙張使用。

在《電子紙顯示器》一書中,編輯楊博儒(Bo-Ru Yang)及其專家團隊詳細介紹了電子紙顯示器所涉及的重要技術,特別強調了這項技術獨特性質的作用,使得各種個人和專業的電子產品成為可能。隨著氣候變化使得高效能源使用比以往更加重要,電子紙可以成為未來大規模產品的一個重要工具。隨著我們對科技的依賴越來越多,擁有輕便且電池壽命長的設備將變得至關重要。本書為工程師和創新者提供了對這項重要技術的介紹,並展示了新的發展途徑。


  • 編輯是這項技術的領先先驅之一
  • 來自國際電子紙技術專家團隊的貢獻
  • 描述了許多依賴於不同原理的先進顯示器類型,與廣泛使用的LCD和OLED類型不同
  • Wiley-SID(信息顯示學會)系列的另一本創新書籍



Bo-Ru Yang, PhD, is a Professor at Sun Yat-Sen University. He is one of the pioneering inventors of full-color e-paper, holding close to 40 patents for materials, devices, driving schemes, and fabrication. He also serves as the Society for Information Display e-paper and flexible display committee chair.