Physics, Optics, and Spectroscopy of Materials (Hardcover)

Burshtein, Zeev

  • 出版商: Wiley
  • 出版日期: 2022-09-14
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  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 544
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  • ISBN: 111976873X
  • ISBN-13: 9781119768739
  • 相關分類: 光學 Optics物理學 Physics
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Bridges a gap that exists between optical spectroscopists and laser systems developers

Physics, Optics, and Spectroscopy of Materials provides professionals and students in materials science and engineering, optics, and spectroscopy a basic understanding and tools for stimulating current research, as well as developing and implementing new laser devices in optical spectroscopy. The author--a noted expert on that subject matter--covers a wide range of topics including: effects of light and mater interaction such as light absorption, emission and scattering by atoms and molecules; energy levels in hydrogen, hydrogen-like atoms, and many electron atoms; electronic structure of molecules, classification of vibrational and rotational motions of molecules, wave propagation and oscillations in dielectric solids, light propagation in isotropic and anisotropic solids, including frequency doubling dividing and shifting, solid materials optics, and lasers.

The book provides a basic overview of the laser and its comprising components. For example, the text describes methods for achieving fast Q-switching in laser cavities and illustrates examples of several specific laser systems used in industry and scientific research. This important book:

  • Provides a comprehensive background in material physics, optics, and spectroscopy
  • Details examples of specific laser systems used in industry and scientific research including helium/neon laser, copper vapor laser, hydrogen-fluoride chemical laser, dye lasers, and diode lasers
  • Presents a basic overview of the laser and its comprising components
  • Elaborates on several important subjects in laser beams optics: divergence modes, lens transitions, and crossing of anisotropic crystals

Written for research scientists and students in the fields of laser science and technology and materials optical spectroscopy, Physics, Optics, and Spectroscopy of Materials covers knowledge gaps for concepts including oscillator strength, allowed and forbidden transitions between electronic and vibrational states, Raman scattering, and group-theoretical states nomenclature.




- 提供了材料物理、光學和光譜學的全面背景知識
- 詳細介紹了工業和科學研究中使用的幾種特定激光系統,包括氦/氖激光器、銅蒸汽激光器、氟化氫化學激光器、染料激光器和二極管激光器
- 提供了激光及其組成部分的基本概述
- 詳細介紹了激光光束光學中的幾個重要主題:發散模式、透鏡過渡和各向異性晶體的交叉



Zeev Burshtein, PhD, is a retiree of the Nuclear Research Center, Negev (NRCN). He currently teaches and instructs graduate and Ph.D. students in the Materials Engineering department, Ben-Gurion University in Israel. He served as chief advisor of the Israeli Minister of Science and Technology, has authored and co-authored 90 papers in the areas covered by this book, over 30 proprietary scientificand technical reports of the NRCN, and (along with others) registered 7 patents in the field of x-ray technology.


Zeev Burshtein博士是Negev核研究中心(NRCN)的退休人員。他目前在以色列本古里安大學的材料工程系教授和指導研究生和博士生。他曾擔任以色列科學與技術部長的首席顧問,並在本書涵蓋的領域撰寫和合著了90篇論文,以及NRCN的30多份專有科學和技術報告,還(與他人合作)在X射線技術領域註冊了7項專利。