5g Non-Terrestrial Networks

Vanelli-Coralli, Alessandro, Chuberre, Nicolas, Masini, Gino

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  • 出版日期: 2024-02-06
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Provides a complete and detailed description of the non-terrestrial component in the 5G ecosystem

5G Non-Terrestrial Networks is the first multi-authored reference dedicated to the integration of non-terrestrial networks (NTN) into the 5G ecosystem. Written by leaders in the development of 3GPP 5G NTN specification, this authoritative resource addresses all key aspects of non-terrestrial component of 5G systems, including standardization, architecture, protocols, and regulatory considerations.

Drawing from their expertise in academic and industrial research and development, the authors introduce fundamental principles of non-terrestrial communications, define the NTN architecture and radio protocol stacks, describe applications to support mobility and radio resource management, and more. The book covers 5G New Radio-based technology for NTN as well as LTE NB-IoT/eMTC, providing a well-rounded understanding of the unique characteristics of 5G-NTN systems. Throughout the text, the authors offer insights on various design approaches, technical choices, and trade-off options.

In addition, the book:

  • Addresses the integration of non-terrestrial networks into 5G systems at all levels
  • Describes the principles of non-terrestrial systems, including orbital parameters, link budget, propagation, and space/ground segments
  • Includes a detailed overview of 5G-NTN system architectures, deployment scenarios, and spectrum aspects
  • Covers NB-IoT and eMTC in NTN, NTN use cases, 5G QoS, and New Radio
  • Discusses the potential of non-terrestrial components of 5G in the future 6G ecosystem

5G Non-Terrestrial Networks is a must-have for communication engineers, satellite network operators, aerospace and electrical engineers, network engineers, academic researchers and industry professionals involved in 5G Infrastructure development, as well as advanced students taking courses on 5G and satellite communication.


《5G非地面網路》是第一本專注於將非地面網路(NTN)整合到5G生態系統中的多作者參考書。本書由3GPP 5G NTN規範開發的領導者撰寫,涵蓋了5G系統非地面組件的所有關鍵方面,包括標準化、架構、協議和監管考慮因素。作者們基於他們在學術和工業研究開發方面的專業知識,介紹了非地面通信的基本原理,定義了NTN架構和無線協議棧,描述了支持移動性和無線資源管理的應用等。本書涵蓋了基於5G新無線技術的NTN以及LTE NB-IoT/eMTC,全面了解5G-NTN系統的獨特特性。在全書中,作者提供了各種設計方法、技術選擇和權衡選項的見解。此外,本書還包括以下內容:將非地面網路整合到5G系統的各個層面、描述非地面系統的原則,包括軌道參數、鏈路預算、傳播和空間/地面段、詳細介紹5G-NTN系統架構、部署場景和頻譜方面、涵蓋NTN中的NB-IoT和eMTC、NTN使用案例、5G QoS和新無線技術、討論5G非地面組件在未來6G生態系統中的潛力。《5G非地面網路》是通信工程師、衛星網路運營商、航空航天和電氣工程師、網路工程師、學術研究人員和從事5G基礎設施開發的行業專業人士以及修讀5G和衛星通信課程的高級學生必備的參考書。


Alessandro Vanelli-Coralli is a Full Professor in the Department of Electrical, Electronic, and Information Engineering at the University of Bologna. He is an IEEE Senior Member and serves on the Editorial Board of the Wiley Journal on Satellite Communications and Networks.

Nicolas Chuberre is the Technical Manager of the European project H2020 ICT SAT5G. He has chaired the SatCom Working Group of ISI and Networld2020 technology platforms and is a member of the Partnership Board of the 5G Infrastructure Association.

Gino Masini is a Principal Researcher at Ericsson, Sweden. He was Chairman of RAN WG3, where he oversaw the standardization of 5G radio network architecture, interfaces, and protocols. He is the author of more than 50 patents.

Mohamed El Jaafari is a Radio Access Network specialist engineer and Lead Delegate for RAN WG1 3GPP at Thales Alenia Space. He is an expert in RF Planning, Radio Network Optimization, and RAN System dimensioning.

Alessandro Guidotti is an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Electrical, Electronic, and Information Engineering at the University of Bologna. He is a member of the IEEE Technical Panel on Glue Technologies for Space Systems Technical Panel and serves on the Editorial Board of Aerial and Space Networks.


Alessandro Vanelli-Coralli是博洛尼亞大學電氣、電子和資訊工程系的全職教授。他是IEEE高級會員,並擔任《Wiley Journal on Satellite Communications and Networks》的編輯委員會成員。

Nicolas Chuberre是歐洲項目H2020 ICT SAT5G的技術經理。他曾擔任ISI和Networld2020技術平台的SatCom工作組主席,並是5G基礎設施協會合作夥伴委員會的成員。

Gino Masini是瑞典愛立信的首席研究員。他曾擔任RAN WG3主席,負責5G無線網絡架構、接口和協議的標準化工作。他是50多項專利的作者。

Mohamed El Jaafari是Thales Alenia Space的無線接入網絡專家工程師,也是3GPP的RAN WG1主席代表。他在射頻規劃、無線網絡優化和RAN系統尺寸設計方面具有專業知識。

Alessandro Guidotti是博洛尼亞大學電氣、電子和資訊工程系的兼職教授。他是IEEE太空系統技術面板的成員,並擔任《Aerial and Space Networks》的編輯委員會成員。