Business Patterns for Software Developers (Paperback)

Allan Kelly


A must-have recipe book for building software

Perhaps you can relate to this all-too common scenario: you know all about your software product?but could do with some help in understanding the strategic side of things. If so, this book is the one-stop resource you'll need in order to become a successful software entrepreneur. Patterns expert Allan Kelly provides you with the step-by-step route that needs to be followed in order to understand business strategy and operations. Each chapter starts out with a solid introduction and theoretical overview, which is then further illustrated with patterns and case studies, all aimed at helping you move into the management of software.

  • Teaches you the ropes of business strategy and operations for software
  • Places special emphasis on the patterns for those who make software for sale
  • Addresses patterns philosophy, patterns strategies, business strategy patterns, and software company lifecycle
  • Shares practical tools, tips, and examples of best practices so you can see how each specific pattern fits in and needs to be implemented.

Business Patterns for Software Development divulges strategies, operations, and structures for building successful software.


《建構軟體的必備食譜書》是一本必讀的書籍。也許你能夠理解這種常見的情況:你對自己的軟體產品非常了解,但在理解戰略方面需要一些幫助。如果是這樣,這本書將是你成為成功的軟體企業家所需的一站式資源。模式專家Allan Kelly提供了一個逐步的路線,以便理解業務戰略和運營。每一章節都以堅實的介紹和理論概述開始,然後進一步以模式和案例研究加以說明,旨在幫助你進入軟體管理領域。