Measuring Shape

Neal, F. Brent, Russ, John C.

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  • 出版日期: 2017-03-29
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"John Russ is the master of explaining how image processing gets applied to real-world situations. With Brent Neal, he's done it again in Measuring Shape, this time explaining an expanded toolbox of techniques that includes useful, state-of-the-art methods that can be applied to the broad problem of understanding, characterizing, and measuring shape. He has a gift for finding the kernel of a particular algorithm, explaining it in simple terms, then giving concrete examples that are easily understood. His perspective comes from solving real-world problems and separating out what works in practice from what is just an abstract curiosity." 

--Tom Malzbender, Hewlett-Packard Laboratories, Palo Alto, California, USA


Useful for those working in fields including industrial quality control, research, and security applications, Measuring Shape is a handbook for the practical application of shape measurement. Covering a wide range of shape measurements likely to be encountered in the literature and in software packages, this book presents an intentionally diverse set of examples that illustrate and enable readers to compare methods used for measurement and quantitative description of 2D and 3D shapes. It stands apart through its focus on examples and applications, which help readers quickly grasp the usefulness of presented techniques without having to approach them through the underlying mathematics.

An elusive concept, shape is a principal governing factor in determining the behavior of objects and structures. Essential to recognizing and classifying objects, it is the central link in manmade and natural processes. Shape dictates everything from the stiffness of a construction beam, to the ability of a leaf to catch water, to the marketing and packaging of consumer products. This book emphasizes techniques that are quantitative and produce a meaningful yet compact set of numerical values that can be used for statistical analysis, comparison, correlation, classification, and identification.

Written by two renowned authors from both industry and academia, this resource explains why users should select a particular method, rather than simply discussing how to use it. Showcasing each process in a clear, accessible, and well-organized way, they explore why a particular one might be appropriate in a given situation, yet a poor choice in another. Providing extensive examples, plus full mathematical descriptions of the various measurements involved, they detail the advantages and limitations of each method and explain the ways they can be implemented to discover important correlations between shape and object history or behavior. This uncommon assembly of information also includes sets of data on real-world objects that are used to compare the performance and utility of the various presented approaches.


「John Russ 是解釋影像處理如何應用於實際情境的大師。與 Brent Neal 一起,他在《形狀測量》一書中再次解釋了一系列擴展工具箱中的技術,包括可應用於理解、表徵和測量形狀的有用、最新方法。他擅長找到特定演算法的核心,用簡單的術語解釋,並提供易於理解的具體示例。他的觀點來自解決實際問題,將實踐中有效的方法與抽象的好奇心區分開來。」
- Tom Malzbender,美國加州帕羅奧圖的惠普實驗室





Brent Neal is a scientist and industrial researcher with Milliken & Company, where he currently leads the central materials characterization and analytical chemistry facility. In this role, he leads efforts in technology and product development through deep understanding of materials performance. He has three patents issued or pending based on his work in polymer-matrix composites. Prior to his tenure at Milliken & Company, he consulted and developed bespoke software for quantitative image analysis. He received his Ph.D. in solid state physics from Louisiana State University in 2002. Over the course of his career, he has measured and analyzed images from many different fields and his experience in materials characterization and measurement has been applied everywhere from the lab bench to manufacturing plants.

In his 50-year career as scientist and educator, John Russ has used image processing and analysis as a principal tool for understanding and characterizing the structure and function of materials. Much of Russ' research work has been concerned with the microstructure and surface topography of metals and ceramics. He has received funding for his research from government agencies and from industry. Teaching the principles and methods involved to several thousand students--in addition to consulting for many industrial clients--has further broadened Dr. Russ' experience and the scope of applications for image processing and analysis. He continues to write and consult for a variety of companies (and to provide expert testimony in criminal and civil cases). He also still teaches image processing and analysis workshops worldwide and reviews publications and funding proposals.


Brent Neal是Milliken & Company的科學家和工業研究員,目前負責領導中央材料表徵和分析化學設施。在這個角色中,他通過對材料性能的深入理解,領導技術和產品開發工作。他在聚合物基複合材料方面的工作已經獲得了三項專利。在加入Milliken & Company之前,他曾為定量圖像分析開發定制軟件並提供諮詢服務。他於2002年從路易斯安那州立大學獲得固態物理學博士學位。在他的職業生涯中,他測量並分析了許多不同領域的圖像,他在材料表徵和測量方面的經驗已經應用於從實驗室到製造廠的各個領域。

在他作為科學家和教育工作者的50年職業生涯中,John Russ將圖像處理和分析作為理解和表徵材料結構和功能的主要工具。Russ的研究工作主要關注金屬和陶瓷的微觀結構和表面形態。他的研究獲得了政府機構和工業界的資助。除了為許多工業客戶提供諮詢服務外,他還教授了數千名學生有關圖像處理和分析的原則和方法,這進一步擴大了Russ博士的經驗和圖像處理和分析的應用範圍。他繼續為各種公司撰寫和提供諮詢服務(並在刑事和民事案件中提供專家證詞)。他還在全球范圍內教授圖像處理和分析的研討會,並審閱出版物和資助提案。