AI for Games, Third Edition (Hardcover)

Ian Millington (Author)



AI is an integral part of every video game. This book helps propfessionals keep up with the constantly evolving technological advances in the fast growing game industry and equips students with up-to-date infortmation they need to jumpstart their careers. This revised and updated Third Edition includes new techniques, algorithms, data structures and representations needed to create powerful AI in games. The companion website includes downloadable and executable source code that will be regularly updated by the author.


Key Features

  • A comprehensive professional tutorial and reference to implement ture AI in games
  • Includes new exercises so readers can test their comprhension and understanding of the concepts and preactices presented
  • Revised and updated to cover new techniques and advances in AI
  • Walks the reader throuigh the entire game AI development process
  • New and improved companion website with easily downloaded and executable source code



- 全面的專業教程和參考,用於實現真正的遊戲AI
- 包括新的練習,讓讀者測試他們對所介紹的概念和實踐的理解和掌握程度
- 修訂和更新,以涵蓋AI的新技術和進展
- 引導讀者完成整個遊戲AI開發過程
- 具有可輕鬆下載和執行的源代碼的新版附帶網站


Ian Millington is a British developer and author of books and courses on software development, particularly in the fields of artificial intelligence, decision support and game physics engine development.


Ian Millington是一位英國開發者和著作家,他撰寫了關於軟體開發的書籍和課程,尤其在人工智慧、決策支援和遊戲物理引擎開發等領域。