IBM SPSS Statistics 25 Step by Step: A Simple Guide and Reference

Darren George, Paul Mallery



IBM SPSS Statistics 25 Step by Step: A Simple Guide and Reference, fifteenth edition, takes a straightforward, step-by-step approach that makes SPSS software clear to beginners and experienced researchers alike. Extensive use of four-color screen shots, clear writing, and step-by-step boxes guide readers through the program. Exercises at the end of each chapter support students by providing additional opportunities to practice using SPSS.

This book covers both the basics of descriptive statistical analysis using SPSS through to more advanced topics such as multiple regression, multidimensional scaling and MANOVA, including instructions for Windows and Mac. This makes it ideal for both undergraduate statistics courses and for postgraduates looking to further develop their statistics and SPSS knowledge.

New to this edition:

  • Updated throughout to SPSS 25
  • Updated / restructured material on: Chart Builder; Univariate ANOVA; moderation on two- and three-way ANOVA; and Factor Analytic Techniques (formerly Factor Analysis structure)
  • New material on computing z and T scores, and on computing z scores within descriptive statistics
  • Clearer in-chapter links between the type of data and type of research question that the procedure can answer
  • Updated / additional datasets, exercises, and expanded Companion Website material, including Powerpoint slides for instructors