Data Science with Julia

Paul D. McNicholas, Peter Tait

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  • 出版日期: 2019-01-11
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"This book is a great way to both start learning data science through the promising Julia language and to become an efficient data scientist."- Professor Charles Bouveyron, INRIA Chair in Data Science, Université Côte d’Azur, Nice, France


Julia, an open-source programming language, was created to be as easy to use as languages such as R and Python while also as fast as C and Fortran. An accessible, intuitive, and highly efficient base language with speed that exceeds R and Python, makes Julia a formidable language for data science. Using well known data science methods that will motivate the reader, Data Science with Julia will get readers up to speed on key features of the Julia language and illustrate its facilities for data science and machine learning work.













  • Covers the core components of Julia as well as packages relevant to the input, manipulation and representation of data.
  • Discusses several important topics in data science including supervised and unsupervised learning.
  • Reviews data visualization using the Gadfly package, which was designed to emulate the very popular ggplot2 package in R. Readers will learn how to make many common plots and how to visualize model results.
  • Presents how to optimize Julia code for performance.
  • Will be an ideal source for people who already know R and want to learn how to use Julia (though no previous knowledge of R or any other programming language is required).


The advantages of Julia for data science cannot be understated. Besides speed and ease of use, there are already over 1,900 packages available and Julia can interface (either directly or through packages) with libraries written in R, Python, Matlab, C, C++ or Fortran. The book is for senior undergraduates, beginning graduate students, or practicing data scientists who want to learn how to use Julia for data science.


"This book is a great way to both start learning data science through the promising Julia language and to become an efficient data scientist."


Professor Charles Bouveyron
INRIA Chair in Data Science
Université Côte d’Azur, Nice, France



「這本書是透過具有潛力的Julia語言來開始學習資料科學並成為高效能的資料科學家的絕佳途徑。」- Charles Bouveyron教授,INRIA資料科學講座教授,尼斯大學,法國


- 涵蓋Julia的核心組件以及與輸入、操作和表示數據相關的套件。
- 討論監督和非監督學習等資料科學中的幾個重要主題。
- 使用Gadfly套件進行數據可視化,該套件旨在模仿R中非常受歡迎的ggplot2套件。讀者將學習如何製作許多常見的圖表以及如何可視化模型結果。
- 展示如何優化Julia代碼以提高性能。
- 對於已經熟悉R並希望學習如何使用Julia的人來說,這將是一個理想的資料來源(儘管不需要對R或任何其他程式語言有先前的了解)。



Charles Bouveyron教授