Oracle R Enterprise: Harnessing the Power of R in Oracle Database (Oracle Press)

Brendan Tierney

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Master the Big Data Capabilities of Oracle R Enterprise

Effectively manage your enterprise’s big data and keep complex processes running smoothly using the hands-on information contained in this Oracle Press guide. Oracle R Enterprise: Harnessing the Power of R in Oracle Database shows, step-by-step, how to create and execute large-scale predictive analytics and maintain superior performance. Discover how to explore and prepare your data, accurately model business processes, generate sophisticated graphics, and write and deploy powerful scripts. You will also find out how to effectively incorporate Oracle R Enterprise features in APEX applications, OBIEE dashboards, and Apache Hadoop systems.

Learn to:

• Install, configure, and administer Oracle R Enterprise
• Establish connections and move data to the database
• Create Oracle R Enterprise packages and functions
• Use the R language to work with data in Oracle Database
• Build models using ODM, ORE, and other algorithms
• Develop and deploy R scripts and use the R script repository
• Execute embedded R scripts and employ ORE SQL API functions
• Map and manipulate data using Oracle R Advanced Analytics for Hadoop
• Use ORE in Oracle Data Miner, OBIEE, and other applications