Elementary Statistics : A Brief Version, 8/e (Paperback)

Allan Bluman



  • Elementary Statistics: A Brief Version was written as an aid in the beginning Statistics course for students whose mathematical background is limited to basic algebra. The book follows a nontheoretical approach without formal proofs, explaining concepts intuitively and supporting them with abundant examples. The applications span a broad range of topics including problems in business, sports, health architecture, education, entertainment, political science, psychology, history, criminal justice, and many more. While a number of important changes have been made in this next edition, the learning system remains untouched and provides students with a useful framework in which to learn and apply concepts.


  • Chapter 1: The Nature of Probability and Statistics
    Chapter 2: Frequency Distributions and Graphs
    Chapter 3: Data Description
    Chapter 4: Probability and Counting Rules
    Chapter 5: Discrete Probability Distributions
    Chapter 6: The Normal Distribution
    Chapter 7: Confidence Intervals and Sample Size
    Chapter 8: Hypothesis Testing
    Chapter 9: Testing the Difference Between Two Means, Two Proportions, and Two Variances
    Chapter 10: Correlation and Regression
    Chapter 11: Chi-Square and Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)

    Appendix A: Tables
    Appendix B: Data Bank
    Appendix C: Glossary
    Appendix D: Photo Credits
    Appendix E: Selected Answers