Robot Builder's Bonanza, 5th Edition

McComb, Gordon



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The bestselling guide to hobby robotics―fully updated for the latest technologies
Learn to build your own robots using the hands-on information contained in this thoroughly revised TAB guide. Written by the "godfather of hobby robotics," the book clearly explains the essential hardware, circuits, and brains and contains easy-to-follow, step-by-step plans for low-cost, cool robotics projects. Robot Builder's Bonanza, Fifth Edition contains more than two dozen new projects for hobbyists of all ages and skill levels. The projects are modular and can be combined to create a variety of highly intelligent and workable custom robots.
Discover how to:
-Wire up robotics circuits from common electronic components-Get up and running building your own robots-Attach motors, wheels, legs, arms, and grippers-Make your robots walk, talk, and obey commands-Build brains from Arduino, BBC Micro: bit, Raspberry Pi, and other microcontrollers-Incorporate touch, proximity, navigation, and environmental sensors-Operate your 'bot via remote control -Generate sound and interpret visual feedback-Construct advanced robots that can see light and follow pre-drawn paths


-使用常見的電子元件連接機器人電路-開始建造自己的機器人-連接馬達、輪子、腿、手臂和夾爪-讓您的機器人行走、說話和遵從指令-使用Arduino、BBC Micro:bit、Raspberry Pi和其他微控制器建立智慧-整合觸控、接近、導航和環境感應器-通過遙控操作您的機器人-產生聲音並解讀視覺反饋-構建能夠感應光線並遵循預先繪製路徑的高級機器人


Gordon McComb has written about amateur and educational robot building for 30 years and has been called "the father of hobby robotics" by Make Magazine. Gordon is the author of all four previous editions of Robot Builder's Bonanza, which are among the most widely read books on hobby robotics.


Gordon McComb已經寫了30年關於業餘和教育機器人建造的文章,並被《Make Magazine》稱為「業餘機器人之父」。Gordon是《機器人建造者的寶典》前四版的作者,這些書籍是業餘機器人領域中最廣泛閱讀的書籍之一。