Electromagnetic Fields and Waves: Fundamentals of Engineering

Riad, Sedki M., Salama, Iman M.


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Understand electromagnetic field principles, engineering techniques, and applications

This core introductory-level undergraduate textbook offers a solid coverage of the fundamentals of electromagnetic fields and waves. Written by two electrical engineering experts and experienced educators, the book is designed to accommodate both one and two semester curricula. Electromagnetic Fields and Waves: Fundamentals of Engineering presents detailed explanations of the topic of EM fields in a holistic fashion that integrates the math and the physics of the material with students' realistic preparation in mind. You will learn about static and time-varying fields, wave propagation and polarization, transmission lines and waveguides, and more.

Coverage includes:

- An introduction to electromagnetic fields and waves
- Transmission lines and wave equations
- Transition to electrostatics
- Electrostatic fields, electric flux, and Gauss' law
- Electric force, field, energy, and potential
- Materials: conductors and dielectrics
- Poisson's and Laplace's equations
- Uniqueness theorem and graphical and numerical solutions
- Magnetic fields and flux
- Magnetic materials, magnetic circuits, and inductance
- Time-varying fields and Faraday's law
- Wave propagation: plane waves
- Wave polarization and propagation in multiple layers
- Waveguides and cavity resonators
- Historical review of EM scientists





這本核心的入門級本科教材全面介紹了電磁場和波的基礎知識。由兩位電氣工程專家和經驗豐富的教育者撰寫,本書旨在適應一學期或兩學期的課程。 電磁場和波:工程基礎以整體的方式詳細解釋了電磁場的主題,將數學和物理與學生的實際準備相結合。您將學習靜態和時變場、波的傳播和偏振、傳輸線和波導等內容。


- 電磁場和波的介紹
- 傳輸線和波動方程
- 靜電學的過渡
- 靜電場、電通量和高斯定律
- 電力、場、能量和電位
- 材料:導體和介電體
- 泊松和拉普拉斯方程
- 唯一性定理和圖形和數值解
- 磁場和磁通
- 磁性材料、磁路和電感
- 時變場和法拉第定律
- 波的傳播:平面波
- 波的偏振和多層傳播
- 波導和腔體共振器
- 電磁科學家的歷史回顧


Sedki M. Riad, Ph.D., P.E., is Professor Emeritus in The Bradley Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Virginia Tech. He has been a fellow of IEEE since 1992 and has accumulated a wealth of scholarship work in publication and research projects including patents. He has been teaching EM courses for over 45 years.

Iman M. Salama, Ph.D., is Associate Teaching Professor in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at Northeastern University.Previously, she held a similar position with Drexel University and worked as an RF consultant with Nortec RF and Microwave, LLC. She received her Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Virginia Tech.






Sedki M. Riad, Ph.D., P.E. 是弗吉尼亞理工學院布拉德利電機與電腦工程系的名譽教授。他自1992年起成為IEEE的會士,並在出版和研究項目中累積了豐富的學術工作,包括專利。他已經教授電磁課程超過45年。

Iman M. Salama, Ph.D. 是東北大學電機與電腦工程系的副教授。之前,她在德雷塞爾大學擔任類似職位,並在Nortec RF and Microwave, LLC擔任射頻顧問。她在弗吉尼亞理工學院獲得電機工程博士學位。