Statistics for Engineers and Scientists, 5/e (IE-Paperback)

William Navidi

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  • Description
    Statistics Engineers and Scientists, Fifth Edition, focuses on practical applications of statistics using real-world data sets to motivate students, and to show direct connections to industry and research. With more than 300 examples. Statistics for Engineers and Scientists makes extensive use of examples tor comprehension of fundamental concepts and to develop intuition.
  • New to this Edition
    • New exercises with real data from recently published sources.
    • Material on resistance to outliers has been added to Chapter 1.
    • Chapter 7 now contains material on interpreting the slope of the least-squares line.

    Key Features
    • Flexible coverage of probability — Allows instructors wide latitude in choosing the depth and extent of the coverage of this topic.
    • Extensive coverage of propagation of error — Provided in a separate chapter. the coverage is thorough and the format is flexible so coverage can be tailored to the needs of the course.
    • A solid introduction to simulation methods and the bootstrap — Presented in the final sections of Chapters 4, 5, and 6.
    • Extensive of linear model diagnostic procedures — Chapter 7 includes extensive covet age of residual plots, transformations of variables, and principles of variable selection in multivariate models.
    • Real-World Data Sets — Contemporary real-world data sets ate used to motivate students and show direct connections to industry and research.
    • Computer Output — Exercises and examples involve interpreting, as well as generating, computer output .


  • Table of Contents
    Chapter 1: Sampling and Descriptive Statistics 
    Chapter 2: Probability 
    Chapter 3: Propagation of Error 
    Chapter 4: Commonly Used Distributions 
    Chapter 5: Confidence Intervals 
    Chapter 6: Hypothesis Testing 
    Chapter 7: Correlation and Simple Linear Regression 
    Chapter 8: Multiple Regression 
    Chapter 9: Factorial Experiments 
    Chapter 10: Statistical Quality Control 
    A Tables 
    B Partial Derivatives 
    C Bibliography