Basic Statistics for Business & Economics, 10/e (IE-Paperback)

Douglas A. Lind , William G. Marchal , Samuel A. Wathen


Basic Statistics in Business and Economics offers a step-by-step approach to introductory descriptive and inferential statistics and illustrates the application of statistics using examples and exercises that focus on business applications but also relate to the current world of the college student. A previous course in statistics is not necessary, and the mathematical requirement is first-year algebra.


Ch 1 What is Statistics?
Ch 2 Describing Data: Frequency Tables, Frequency Distributions, and Graphic Presentation
Ch 3 Describing Data: Numerical Measures
Ch 4 Describing Data: Displaying and Exploring Data
Ch 5 A Survey of Probability Concepts
Ch 6 Discrete Probability Distributions
Ch 7 Continuous Probability Distributions
Ch 8 Sampling, Sampling Methods, and the Central Limit Theorem
Ch 9 Estimation and Confidence Intervals
Ch 10 One-Sample Tests of Hypothesis
Ch 11 Two-Sample Tests of Hypothesis
Ch 12 Analysis of Variance
Ch 13 Correlation and Linear Regression
Ch 14 Multiple Regression Analysis
Ch 15 Nonparametric Methods: Nominal-Level Hypothesis Tests