Teach Yourself Electricity and Electronics, Seventh Edition

Gibilisco, Stan, Monk, Simon


Learn electricity and electronics fundamentals and up-to-date applications―all without taking a formal course

This fully updated guide offers practical, easy-to-follow instruction on electricity and electronics. Written by a pair of experienced instructors, Teach Yourself Electricity and Electronics, Seventh Edition features plain language explanations and step-by-step lessons that make it easy to understand the material quickly. Throughout, detailed illustrations and practical examples reinforce key concepts. This new edition brings the book up to date with modern electronics and places much more emphasis on the use of Integrated Circuits and practical electronics design. You will also get access to a valuable online exam to test your knowledge and identify areas for further study.

This thoroughly revised seventh edition covers:

  • Direct current (DC) circuits
  • Electrical units
  • Resistors
  • Cells and batteries
  • Magnetism
  • Alternating current (AC) circuits
  • Inductors and capacitors
  • Phase
  • Inductive and capacitive reactance
  • Impedance and admittance
  • AC power and resonance
  • Transformers and impedance matching
  • Semiconductors, diodes, and transistors
  • Integrated Circuits (ICs)
  • Amplifiers and oscillators
  • Wireless transmitters and receivers
  • Digital circuits
  • Microcontrollers, including the Arduino
  • Transducers and sensors
  • Acoustics and audio
  • Antennas for RF communications




- 直流電路
- 電氣單位
- 電阻器
- 電池和電池組
- 磁性
- 交流電路
- 電感器和電容器
- 相位
- 電感和電容的反應
- 阻抗和導納
- 交流功率和共振
- 變壓器和阻抗匹配
- 半導體、二極管和晶體管
- 集成電路
- 放大器和振盪器
- 無線發射器和接收器
- 數字電路
- 微控制器,包括Arduino
- 轉換器和感應器
- 壓聲學和音頻
- 用於無線通信的天線