The Process Improvement Handbook (Pb)

Boutros, Tristan


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Gold Medal Winner of the 2015 Axiom Book Award for best business theory book!

The Definitive Guide to Process Improvement and Operational Excellence

Today's business environment demands faster responses, better service, and increased agility. The Process Improvement Handbook reveals how to design effective process improvement structures, organizations, and cultures to meet those needs. Focusing on specific process improvement knowledge areas, this practical work establishes the foundation required to create, maintain, and measure processes while equipping practitioners with the necessary skills to deliver consistent, successful outcomes.

This definitive resource introduces a body of knowledge for anyone looking to improve their operating environment. The result is process self-sufficiency, extensibility, sustainability, higher quality, and overall speed that increases competitive advantage. The principles explained in this book encapsulate everything needed to be more "process mature," and to enable process excellence from start to finish.

Coverage includes:

  • The process improvement overview
  • Process maturity
  • Process-Oriented Architecture (POA)
  • Creating a process ecosystem
  • Managing process improvements
  • The process improvement organization
  • Process improvement aptitudes
  • Case examples
  • Process improvement templates and instructions


Praise for The Process Improvement Handbook

"I believe that this is a book that will end up with many yellow highlights in almost every chapter. You are wise to buy this book; you'll be even wiser if you apply its contents to the way your organization functions." --H. James Harrington, Ph.D., prolific author of over 35 Process Improvement books, CEO Harrington Institute

"Tristan Boutros and Tim Purdie have delivered a true gift to all business process management professionals, and to the business community as a whole. Comprehensive in scope, deliberate in focus, deep in expert knowledge, and highly practical in its wisdom, The Process Improvement Handbook enables the reader to put it all together and take a more integrative approach to improving business performance. With so much already written on the topic of process improvement, the authors tackle the challenge of differentiation head on by defining a compelling business case for this work--identifying critical links to other enterprise management disciplines and defining key contributions to organizational agility and value innovation. If real knowledge is less a matter of knowing everything and more about knowing where to find everything, then this book is an indispensable resource for everyone seeking answers to performance challenges." --Joseph A. Braidish, Director of Consulting and Training, Rummler-Brache Group

"Boutros and Purdie present a framework that is invaluable for any organization looking to improve its processes (and what organization isn't looking to do that). Concise, clear, and credible, this handbook is full of ideas and approaches that will benefit anyone working with Process Improvement." --Mike Jacka, author of Business Process Mapping: Improving Customer Satisfaction, Second Edition

"Finally, we have book that takes Process Improvement from theory to templates. There are a lot of books that poke at pieces of Process Improvement structure, but this book finally takes us across the entire spectrum. It is invaluable in two ways: it is a valuable resource for identifying and understanding the role and impact of a process within an organization, and it is a valuable ongoing ref








- 流程改進概述
- 流程成熟度
- 面向流程的架構(POA)
- 創建流程生態系統
- 管理流程改進
- 流程改進組織
- 流程改進能力
- 案例示例
- 流程改進模板和指導


“我相信這本書的每一章節都會被標記出許多重點。如果您將書中的內容應用於組織的運作方式,那麼購買這本書是明智的,如果您這樣做,您將更加明智。” - H. James Harrington博士,《流程改進》書籍的多產作者,Harrington Institute首席執行官

“Tristan Boutros和Tim Purdie為所有業務流程管理專業人士和整個商業社區帶來了一份真正的禮物。這本書的範圍全面,重點明確,專業知識深入,智慧高度實用,使讀者能夠將所有內容整合起來,採取更綜合的方法來改善業務績效。在關於流程改進的主題上已經有很多書籍,作者們通過直接定義這項工作的引人注目的商業案例,解決了區分的挑戰,確定了與其他企業管理學科的關鍵聯繫,並定義了對組織敏捷性和價值創新的重要貢獻。如果真正的知識不是知道一切,而是知道在哪裡找到一切,那麼這本書對於每個尋求解決績效挑戰的人來說是一個不可或缺的資源。” - Joseph A. Braidish,Rummler-Brache Group咨詢和培訓總監

“Boutros和Purdie提出了一個對於任何希望改善其流程的組織來說都是無價的框架(而哪個組織不希望這樣做)。這本手冊簡明、清晰、可信,充滿了想法和方法,將使任何與流程改進合作的人受益。” - Mike Jacka,《業務流程映射:提高客戶滿意度》第二版的作者

“終於,我們有一本將流程改進從理論轉化為模板的書籍。有很多書籍在探討流程改進結構的一部分,但這本書終於將我們帶入了整個範疇。它在兩個方面都是無價的:它是一個有價值的資源,用於識別和理解流程改進結構,同時這本書對於任何與流程改進合作的人來說都是無價的。” - Mike Jacka,《業務流程映射:提高客戶滿意度》第二版的作者