Electric Circuits, 11/e (GE-Paperback)

James W. Nilsson , Susan Riedel

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The fundamental goals of the best-selling Electric Circuits remain unchanged. The 11th Edition continues to motivate students to build new ideas based on concepts previously presented, to develop problem-solving skills that rely on a solid conceptual foundation, and to introduce realistic engineering experiences that challenge students to develop the insights of a practicing engineer. The 11th Edition represents the most extensive revision since the 5th Edition with every sentence, paragraph, subsection, and chapter examined and oftentimes rewritten to improve clarity, readability, and pedagogy–without sacrificing the breadth and depth of coverage that Electric Circuits is known for. Dr. Susan Riedel draws on her classroom experience to introduce the Analysis Methods feature, which gives students a step-by-step problem-solving approach.

●Practical Perspectives introduce chapters and provide real-world circuit examples. Every chapter begins by describing a practical application of the chapter content. At the end of each chapter, the Practical Perspective is revisited by performing a quantitative circuit analysis using the newly introduced material.

●Originating from author Susan Riedel’s own classroom experience, Analysis Methods are ‘recipes’ for students to help them get started on a problem with step-by-step directions that guide them to a problem’s solution.

●Chapter Problems reinforce problem solving as fundamental to the study of circuit analysis. Approximately 30% of the problems in the 11th edition are new or were rewritten.

●Assessment Problems prompt students at key points in the chapter, asking them to stop and assess their mastery of a particular objective by solving one or more assessment problems.

●Fundamental Equations and Concepts are set apart from the main text to help readers focus on the key principles and help navigate through the important topics.

●Examples in every chapter illustrate the concepts presented in the text in the form of a numeric example. There are nearly 200 examples in this text, an increase of about 35% when compared to the previous edition. The examples illustrate the application of a particular concept and often employ an Analysis Method, and exemplify good problem-solving skills.

●Integration of Computer Tools assists students in the learning process by providing a visual representation of a circuit’s behaviour, validating a calculated solution, reducing the computational burden of more complex circuits, and iterating toward a desired solution using parameter variation. Chapter problems suited for exploration with PSpice and Multisim are marked accordingly.


暢銷書《電路學》的基本目標保持不變。第11版繼續激勵學生基於先前介紹的概念建立新思想,培養依賴堅實概念基礎的解決問題能力,並引入挑戰學生發展成為實踐工程師的洞察力的真實工程經驗。第11版是自第5版以來最大的修訂,每個句子、段落、小節和章節都經過檢查,並且經常重寫以提高清晰度、可讀性和教學法,同時不會犧牲《電路學》所以知名的廣度和深度。Susan Riedel博士利用她的課堂經驗引入了分析方法功能,該功能提供給學生一種逐步解決問題的方法。


●分析方法源於作者Susan Riedel自己的課堂經驗,它們是學生的“食譜”,幫助他們從一步一步的指導中開始解決問題,引導他們找到問題的解決方案。







James Nilsson - Professor Emeritus Iowa State University
Susan Riedel - Marquette University


James Nilsson - 爱荷华州立大学名誉教授
Susan Riedel - 马凯特大学


1. Circuit Variables  

2. Circuit Elements  

3. Simple Resistive Circuits  

4. Techniques of Circuit Analysis  

5. The Operational Amplifier  

6. Inductance, Capacitance, and Mutual Inductance  

7. Response of First-Order RL and RC Circuits  

8. Natural and Step Responses of RLC Circuits  

9. Sinusoidal Steady-State Analysis  

10. Sinusoidal Steady-State Power Calculations  

11. Balanced Three-Phase Circuits  

12. Introduction to the Laplace Transform  

13. The Laplace Transform in Circuit Analysis  

14. Introduction to Frequency Selective Circuits  

15. Active Filter Circuits  

16. Fourier Series  

17. The Fourier Transform  

18. Two-Port Circuits  

Appendix A:  The Solution of Linear Simultaneous Equations  

Appendix B:  Complex Numbers  

Appendix C:  More on Magnetically Coupled Coils and Ideal Transformers  

Appendix D:  The Decibel  

Appendix E:  Bode Diagrams  

Appendix F:  An Abbreviated Table of Trigonometric Identities  

Appendix G:  An Abbreviated Table of Integrals  

Appendix H:  Common Standard Component Values


1. 電路變量
2. 電路元件
3. 簡單電阻電路
4. 電路分析技巧
5. 運算放大器
6. 電感、電容和互感
7. 一階RL和RC電路的響應
8. RLC電路的自然和步階響應
9. 正弦穩態分析
10. 正弦穩態功率計算
11. 平衡三相電路
12. Laplace變換入門
13. Laplace變換在電路分析中的應用
14. 頻率選擇性電路入門
15. 主動濾波器電路
16. 傅立葉級數
17. 傅立葉變換
18. 雙端口電路
附錄A: 線性聯立方程組的解法
附錄B: 複數
附錄C: 關於磁耦合線圈和理想變壓器的更多內容
附錄D: 分貝
附錄E: 波德圖
附錄F: 簡化版三角恆等式表
附錄G: 簡化版積分表
附錄H: 常見標準元件值