Physics, 5/e (Paperback)

Alan Giambattista

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  • 出版日期: 2022-01-01
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Physics is intended for a two-semester college course in introductory physics using algebra and trigonometry.

The main goals for this book are:

  • to present the basic concepts of physics that students need to know for later courses and future careers,
  • to emphasize that physics is a tool for understanding the real world,
  • to teach transferable problem-solving skills that students can use throughout lives.

New to The Fifth Edition
Although the fundamental philosophy of the book has not changed, many improvements have been made based on detailed feedback from instructors and students using
the previous edition. Some of the most important updates include:

  • The comprehensive math review, found in Appendix A, has been expanded for this edition. A new section A.8 (Sinusoidal Functions of Time) provides support for important topics such as oscillations, waves, Faraday's law, and interference. Section A.6 (Geometry) has been rewritten to emphasize the skills most relevant to physics problems. Math skills have been added to the Concepts and Skills to Review on the chapter opener pages. New references to Appendix A have been added to the text.
  • The visual presentation has been streamlined. The content of tips and warnings found in marginal icons and text highlighting, has been moved into Problem-Solving Strategy boxes and/or into the end-of-chapter Master the Concepts boxes, as appropriate.
  • Concepts and Skills to Review lists are now more prominently featured on the chapter opener page.
  • Many of the figure legends have been expanded to help students learn more from the illustrations.





  • 介紹學生在以後的課程和未來職業中需要了解的物理學基本概念。

  • 強調物理學是理解現實世界的工具。

  • 教授學生可以在生活中使用的可轉移的問題解決技巧。



  • 本版擴展了全面的數學複習,詳見附錄A。新增了一個新的部分A.8(時間的正弦函數),提供對振動、波動、法拉第定律和干涉等重要主題的支持。重寫了第A.6節(幾何),強調與物理問題最相關的技能。在每章開頭頁面的概念和技能複習中新增了數學技能。在正文中新增了對附錄A的引用。

  • 視覺呈現方式更加簡潔。在邊緣圖示和文字突出顯示中找到的提示和警告內容已移至解決問題策略框和/或章末的掌握概念框中。

  • 概念和技能複習列表現在在每章開頭頁面上更加突出。

  • 許多圖例已擴展,以幫助學生從插圖中學到更多知識。


Table of Contents
1) Introduction

Part One - Mechanics
2) Motion Along a Line
3) Motion in a Plane
4) Force and Newton’s Laws of Motion
5) Circular Motion
6) Conservation of Energy
7) Linear Momentum
8) Torque and Angular Momentum
9) Fluids
10) Elasticity and Oscillations
11) Waves
12) Sound

Part Two - Thermal Physics
13) Temperature and the Ideal Gas
14) Heat
15) Thermodynamics

Part Three - Electromagnetism
16) Electric Forces and Fields
17) Electric Potential
18) Electric Current and Circuits
19) Magnetic Forces and Fields
20) Electromagnetic Induction
21) Alternating Current

Part Four - Electromagnetic Waves and Optics
22) Electromagnetic Waves
23) Reflection and Refraction of Light
24) Optical Instruments
25) Interference and Diffraction

Appendix A - Mathematics Review
Appendix B - Reference Information
Answers to Selected Questions and Problems



1) 引言

第一部分 - 力學

2) 直線運動

3) 平面運動

4) 力和牛頓運動定律

5) 圓周運動

6) 能量守恆

7) 線性動量

8) 轉矩和角動量

9) 流體

10) 彈性和振動

11) 波

12) 聲音

第二部分 - 熱物理學

13) 溫度和理想氣體

14) 熱

15) 熱力學

第三部分 - 電磁學

16) 電力和電場

17) 電位

18) 電流和電路

19) 磁力和磁場

20) 電磁感應

21) 交流電

第四部分 - 電磁波和光學

22) 電磁波

23) 光的反射和折射

24) 光學儀器

25) 干涉和繞射


附錄A - 數學回顧

附錄B - 參考資料