Flash 8 : Graphics, Animation & Interactivity (Paperback)

James L. Mohler

  • 出版商: Delmar
  • 出版日期: 2006-01-05
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  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 575
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 1401871054
  • ISBN-13: 9781401871055
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Through five releases of Macromedia's industry-standard Web graphics software program, James Mohler has become the indispensable resource for those looking to master the power of Flash. Flash:8 Graphics, Animation & Interactivity delivers Mohler's widely praised hands-on approach to learning for the newest version of Macromedia® Flash. Exercises and examples in the book, and the on back-of-the book CD, combined with step-by-step explanations, provide the best of both worlds-not just telling you how flash works, but showing you as well. For those new to flash, there are plenty of exercises designed to quickly get users up to speed quickly. Intermediate and advanced Flash users will find new exercises that demonstrate the latest features of version 8 as well as a valuable series of examples that illustrate some of the more complex elements of the software. The book features chapters on graphic techniques, bitmap graphic integration, typography and text, symbols, libraries, sound, animation, interactive techniques-plus an essential introduction to Flash's internal scripting language, Action Script.



  • Learn to create and manipulate vector and bitmap elements using Flash
  • Explore Flash symbols and libraries and understand the importance of their use
  • Learn to integrate 2D and 3D animation, as well as sound, into Flash
  • Become skilled at integrating Flash movies into Web pages
  • Understand the basics of the ActionScript language



透過五個版本的Macromedia行業標準網頁圖形軟體,James Mohler已成為那些希望掌握Flash強大功能的不可或缺的資源。《Flash:8圖形、動畫和互動性》提供了Mohler廣受好評的實踐學習方法,適用於最新版本的Macromedia® Flash。書中的練習和範例,以及書背的光碟,結合了逐步解釋,提供了最佳的學習方式-不僅告訴您Flash的運作方式,還會展示給您看。對於新手來說,有許多設計來快速使用者上手。中級和高級Flash使用者將找到展示第8版最新功能的新練習,以及展示軟體更複雜元素的寶貴範例。本書包括有關圖形技術、位圖圖形整合、排版和文字、符號、資料庫、聲音、動畫、互動技術的章節,以及對Flash內部腳本語言Action Script的重要介紹。


- 學習使用Flash創建和操作向量和位圖元素
- 探索Flash符號和資料庫,並了解其使用的重要性
- 學習將2D和3D動畫以及聲音整合到Flash中
- 熟練將Flash電影整合到網頁中
- 理解ActionScript語言的基礎知識