Beginning C# 2008: From Novice to Professional, 2/e (Paperback)

Christian Gross

  • 出版商: Apress
  • 出版日期: 2008-09-16
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  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 550
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 1430210338
  • ISBN-13: 9781430210337
  • 相關分類: C#
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This book is for anyone who wants to write good C# code—even if you have never programmed before. Writing good code can be a challenge—there are so many options, especially in a .NET language like C#. If you want to really get the best from a programming language, you need to know which features work best in which situations and understand their strengths and weaknesses. It is this understanding that makes the difference between coding and coding well.

Beginning C# 2008: From Novice to Professional, Second Edition has been written to teach you how to use the C# programming language to solve problems. From the earliest chapters, and from the first introductory concepts, you’ll be looking at real–world programming challenges and learning how C# can be used to overcome them. As you progress through the book, the problems become more involved and interesting, while the solutions become correspondingly more complex and powerful as C# features interact to achieve the results that you want.

This second edition has been revised and improved to now include the latest SQL Server 2008 release and explain how you can integrate SQL Server 2008 with your C# applications.

By the time you’ve finished reading this book and worked through the sample exercises, you’ll be a confident and very competent C# programmer. You will still have many explorations of the .NET Framework API to look forward to, but you will have a firm foundation to build from, and you will know exactly where to go to find the things that you need to progress confidently in your projects.

What you’ll learn

  • Everything to get you started with C# 2008 from scratch—from installing the tools to writing your first applications.
  • The core concepts of .NET 3.5 programming: from decision trees to data structures, from exceptions to lambda expressions, and from objects to components.
  • Learn what LINQ is, why functional programming can be important, how generics make your life easier, and much, much, more!

Who is this book for

This book is for anyone who’s just starting out to learn about C#. It doesn’t assume any prior knowledge of object–oriented programming, of the .NET Framework, or of coding in general. It simply assumes that you’re an intelligent person who wants to learn and starts the journey from there.

About the Apress Beginning Series

The Beginning series from Apress is the right choice to get the information you need to land that crucial entry–level job. These books will teach you a standard and important technology from the ground up because they are explicitly designed to take you from “novice to professional.” You’ll start your journey by seeing what you need to know—but without needless theory and filler. You’ll build your skill set by learning how to put together real–world projects step by step. So whether your goal is your next career challenge or a new learning opportunity, the Beginning series from Apress will take you there—it is your trusted guide through unfamiliar territory!


這本書適合任何想要寫出良好 C# 程式碼的人,即使你以前沒有寫過程式。寫出好的程式碼可能是一個挑戰,特別是在像 C# 這樣的 .NET 語言中,有很多選項可供選擇。如果你想真正從一個程式語言中獲得最佳效果,你需要知道哪些功能在哪些情況下最有效,並了解它們的優點和缺點。正是這種理解使得編碼和編碼能力之間產生差異。

《Beginning C# 2008: From Novice to Professional, Second Edition》這本書旨在教你如何使用 C# 程式語言解決問題。從最早的章節和最初的概念開始,你將面對真實世界的程式設計挑戰,並學習如何使用 C# 克服這些挑戰。隨著你閱讀本書的進展,問題變得更加複雜和有趣,同時解決方案也變得更加複雜和強大,因為 C# 的功能相互作用以實現你想要的結果。

這本第二版已經修訂和改進,現在包括最新的 SQL Server 2008 版本,並解釋了如何將 SQL Server 2008 整合到你的 C# 應用程序中。

當你讀完這本書並完成示例練習時,你將成為一個自信且非常能幹的 C# 程式設計師。你仍然有很多探索 .NET Framework API 的機會,但你將擁有一個堅實的基礎,並且你將知道在你的項目中自信地前進時去尋找你所需的東西。

- 從頭開始學習 C# 2008 的一切,從安裝工具到編寫你的第一個應用程序。
- .NET 3.5 程式設計的核心概念:從決策樹到資料結構,從例外處理到 lambda 表達式,從物件到元件。
- 學習什麼是 LINQ,為什麼函數式編程很重要,泛型如何讓你的生活更輕鬆,等等!

這本書適合對 C# 初學者。它不假設任何關於物件導向編程、.NET Framework 或編碼的先備知識。它只假設你是一個聰明的人,想要學習並從那裡開始旅程。

關於 Apress Beginning 系列:
Apress 的 Beginning 系列是獲得你所需的資訊以獲得關鍵的入門級工作的正確選擇。這些書籍將從基礎開始教你一個標準且重要的技術,因為它們明確地設計成帶你從「初學者到專業人士」。你將開始你的旅程,看到你需要知道的東西,但不會有不必要的理論和填充物。你將通過逐步學習如何逐步組合真實世界的專案來建立你的技能。因此,無論你的目標是下一個職業挑戰還是新的學習機會,Apress 的 Beginning 系列將帶你到那裡,它是你在陌生領域中的可靠指南!