Foundation Flash CS4 for Designers (Paperback)

Tom Green, David Stiller

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  • 出版日期: 2008-11-14
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  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 650
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 1430210931
  • ISBN-13: 9781430210931
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In this book, you'll learn:

  • How to create effective animations using the new Motion Editor and animation tools
  • How to use the new 3D features to animate objects in 3D space
  • Best-practice tips and techniques from some of the top Flash practitioners on the planet
  • How to create captioned video and full-screen video, and deploy HD video using Flash
  • Techniques for using the Flash UI components as well as XML documents to create stunning,interactive presentations

If you're a Flash designer looking for a solid overview of Flash CS4, this book is for you. Through the use of solid and practical exercises, you will soon master the fundamentals of this latest edition of the Adobe Flash authoring tool. Using a series of carefully developed tutorials, you will be led from basic Flash CS4 techniques to the point where you can create animations, MP3 players, and customized Flash video players in no time. Each chapter focuses on a major aspect of Flash, and then lets you take the reins in a "Your Turn" exercise to create something amazing with what you've learned.

This book focuses on the core skill set you need to feel at home with Flash CS4, and also introduces you to some of the biggest names in today's Flash community through interviews and actual "How To" examples, so you can learn from the masters. You will start by studying the Flash CS4 interface, and while you're at it, you'll be guided toward mastery of the fundamentals, such as movieclips, text, and graphics, which will lead you into some of the more fascinating aspects of Flash, including audio, video, animation, and 3D transformations.

By the time you finish, you will have created an MP3 player and a Flash video player, been introduced to the basics of ActionScript 3.0, learned how to combine Flash with XML, styled Flash text with CSS, created animated scenes, and worked your way through a host of additional projects. All of these exercises are designed to give you the knowledge necessary to master Flash CS4 from the ground up. If you're already a seasoned Flash designer, this book will get you up to speed with the latest version in relatively short order.

This book covers all of the new Flash CS4 features, such as the new animation and 3D tools, the new Adobe Media Encoder, and a pair of the coolest new additions to the Tools panel: a Spray Brush tool and a Deco tool.

You can discover more about this book, download source code, and more at the book's companion website:

Summary of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Learning the Flash CS4 Professional Interface
  • Chapter 2: Creating Artwork in Flash
  • Chapter 3: Symbols and Libraries
  • Chapter 4: Actionscript Basics
  • Chapter 5: Audio
  • Chapter 6: Text
  • Chapter 7: Animation
  • Chapter 8: Animation, Part 2
  • Chapter 9: Flash Gets a Third Dimension
  • Chapter 10: Video
  • Chapter 11: Building Interfaces With the UI Components
  • Chapter 12: CSS
  • Chapter 13: XML (Dynamic Data)
  • Chapter 14: Building Stuff
  • Chapter 15: Optimizing and Publishing Flash Movies


- 如何使用新的Motion Editor和動畫工具創建有效的動畫
- 如何使用新的3D功能在3D空間中對物體進行動畫處理
- 來自全球頂尖Flash專家的最佳實踐技巧和技巧
- 如何創建帶字幕的視頻和全屏視頻,以及使用Flash部署高清視頻
- 使用Flash UI元件和XML文檔創建令人驚嘆的互動演示的技巧

如果你是一個尋找Flash CS4全面概述的Flash設計師,這本書適合你。通過實用的練習,你將很快掌握這個最新版本的Adobe Flash創作工具的基礎知識。通過一系列精心設計的教程,你將從基本的Flash CS4技巧開始,進而能夠在短時間內創建動畫、MP3播放器和自定義的Flash視頻播放器。每個章節都專注於Flash的一個主要方面,然後讓你在“你的回合”練習中使用所學知識創造出令人驚嘆的作品。

這本書專注於你在Flash CS4中需要掌握的核心技能,並通過訪談和實際的“如何”示例介紹了當今Flash社區中一些最重要的人物,讓你能夠向大師學習。你將從學習Flash CS4界面開始,同時也會引導你掌握基礎知識,如電影片段、文本和圖形,進而進入Flash的更迷人的方面,包括音頻、視頻、動畫和3D變換。

在完成時,你將創建一個MP3播放器和一個Flash視頻播放器,學習ActionScript 3.0的基礎知識,了解如何將Flash與XML結合,使用CSS為Flash文本添加樣式,創建動畫場景,並完成一系列其他項目。所有這些練習都旨在讓你從頭開始掌握Flash CS4所需的知識。如果你已經是一位經驗豐富的Flash設計師,這本書將使你迅速掌握最新版本。

本書涵蓋了所有新的Flash CS4功能,如新的動畫和3D工具、新的Adobe Media Encoder,以及工具面板上最酷的兩個新功能:噴灑筆刷工具和裝飾工具。


- 第1章:學習Flash CS4專業界面
- 第2章:在Flash中創建藝術品
- 第3章:符號和庫
- 第4章:ActionScript基礎知識
- 第5章:音頻
- 第6章:文本
- 第7章:動畫
- 第8章:動畫,第2部分
- 第9章:Flash獲得第三個維度
- 第10章:視頻
- 第11章:使用UI元件構建界面
- 第12章:CSS
- 第13章:XML(動態數據)
- 第14章:構建項目
- 第15章:優化和發布Flash電影