Under Control: Governance Across the Enterprise (Paperback)

Jacob Lamm, Sumner Blount, William McCracken, Kenneth Handal, Robert Cirabisi, Robert Zanella, Helge Scheil, John Meyer, Marc Camm, Christopher Fox, Nancy Cooper, Alan Srulowitz, Galina Datskovsky, Steve Boston, Jim Keogh, Karen Sleeth, Kenneth Cooper



With the economic crisis that began in 2008, a long-standing trend toward increased regulation is becoming a flood. The clamor for improved enterprise risk management and the complexity of multinational compliance present executives with a dramatically new array of challenges.

Governance should offer solutions, but it is clear that yesterday’s governance practices aren’t up to the task. In both design and implementation, they are too disconnected and incomplete to fully address our complex compliance and risk management puzzle. Executives get only fragmented views of their true business performance, and inefficiencies drive up costs.

The consequences of inadequate governance were demonstrated in the economic meltdown of 2008. As the world struggles to recover from that crisis, business is now faced with a confusing array of evolving regulations, the challenge of managing compliance across multinational organizations and a new imperative for risk management that is coordinated across the enterprise. It’s clear that yesterday’s governance practices don’t meet today’s need for centralized controls, integrated compliance and risk management and greater transparency. The need for organizations to change—and change now—is clear.

Under Control captures decades of business governance experience from many of the leading authorities at CA, Inc. This book sets out not only to explain the essential challenges of effective business governance, but to help you build solutions for your organization based on lessons learned at CA from its customers and in its own corporate structure.

From governing the organization’s policies as a whole instead of in silos, to a department by department look at the role and impact of governance, to governing your green initiatives, to the role of the Board of Directors, to the importance of risk management, this book lays out some of the strategies and processes that may help your organization manage its risk and regulatory requirements.

It is clear that the governance standards in the past were inadequate, and that risks have not been properly assessed or understood. This book is a first step in solving this problem so that your organization is prepared and able to respond and thrive in today’s rapidly evolving environment.

Under Control is the first book published in the new CAPress imprint, a joint publishing program between Apress and CA Inc.

“One of the defining factors of the first decade of the 21st century has been the increase of regulation and governance. To explain these trends, and the various best practices for ensuring governance, enterprise IT management solutions provider CA Inc. enlisted more than a dozen subject matter experts from its ranks to contribute content. The resulting book explores the need for broad governance, different areas where governance is important, and various ways for organizations to manage and implement compliance, including IT governance, project portfolio management, information governance and sustainability management. The book, while largely vendor-neutral, draws on CA’s experience creating governance solutions as well as managing its own governance issues.”
Aaron Smith, Projects@Work

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《Under Control》從CA公司的許多領先專家那裡獲得了數十年的商業治理經驗。這本書不僅旨在解釋有效商業治理的基本挑戰,還旨在根據CA從客戶和自身企業結構中獲得的經驗教訓,幫助您為組織建立解決方案。



《Under Control》是新的CAPress印記出版的第一本書,這是Apress和CA Inc.之間的聯合出版計劃。

“21世紀第一個十年的一個明確特徵是監管和治理的增加。為了解釋這些趨勢以及確保治理的各種最佳實踐,企業IT管理解決方案提供商CA Inc.邀請了超過十多位主題專家從其內部貢獻內容。這本書探討了廣泛治理的需求,治理重要的不同領域,以及組織管理和實施合規的各種方式,包括IT治理、項目組合管理、信息治理和可持續性管理。這本書雖然在很大程度上是中立的,但它借鑒了CA在創建治理解決方案以及管理自身治理問題方面的經驗。” — Aaron Smith, Projects@Work

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