HTML and CSS Web Standards Solutions: A Web Standardistas' Approach

Nicklas Persson, Christopher Murphy

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  • 出版日期: 2008-12-17
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  • 語言: 英文
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  • ISBN-13: 9781430216063
  • 相關分類: CSSHTML
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This book will teach you how to build hand-crafted web pages the Web Standardistas' way: using well-structured XHTML for content and CSS for presentation.

By embracing a web standards approach, you will hold the key to creating web sites that not only look great in all modern browsers, but also are accessible to a wide variety of audiences across a range of platforms—from those browsing on everyday computers, to those accessing the Web on the latest emerging mobile devices.

Even if you're an absolute beginner in web design, this book will teach you how to build future-proof web pages the right way using easy-to-master tools which are, in most cases, free. Through 14 easy-to- follow chapters, we introduce you to the fundamentals of contemporary web design practice. Step by step we'll assemble well-structured XHTML webpages, which we'll then style using handcrafted CSS.

By the end of the book, you'll have a firm knowledge of the essentials of web design: everything you need to know to move forward in your lifelong journey as a Web Standardista.

To equip you on this noble quest, we've included enjoyable practical assignments at the end of each chapter. Embracing these challenges will not only teach you how to create great looking web sites that are the envy of your peers, but also equip you with an unrivaled knowledge of monkeys that journeyed to space and apes that starred in the movies—the real stars of this book.

On completion of this book not only will you be able to create well-crafted web sites, but you will have earned the badge of a Web Standardista, proving your worth as a good citizen of the Web.

In this book you'll learn how to:

  • Assemble well-structured XHTML markup like a seasoned craftsman, with nothing but a free text editor.
  • Create hand-coded style sheets with authority, using lean and efficient CSS.
  • Use semantic markup to build future-proof web pages.
  • Establish your own web address and upload your web site for the world to see.
  • Embrace the power of the Web Standardistas' approach to create well-designed, accessible web pages that look great in all modern browsers, making the Web a better place for all.

Summary of Contents

  • Part One: a Solid XHTML Foundation
    • Are You a Web Standardista?
    • Building Basic Web Pages
    • Structured Markup
    • Markup That Adds Meaning
    • Including Images
    • Creating Links with Anchors
    • Getting Your Site online
  • Part Two: Adding Style With CSS
    • CSS 101
    • Styling Text
    • A one- Column CSS Layout
    • A Two-Column CSS Layout
    • List-o-Matic
    • Harnessing the Power of External Style Sheets
    • Where to from Here


這本書將教你如何以Web Standardistas的方式建立手工製作的網頁:使用結構良好的XHTML來呈現內容,並使用CSS來呈現樣式。



通過閱讀本書,你將對網頁設計的基本知識有扎實的了解:這是你作為Web Standardista在終身旅程中前進所需的一切。


完成本書後,你不僅能夠創建精心製作的網站,還將獲得Web Standardista的標誌,證明你是Web的良好公民。

- 像經驗豐富的工匠一樣組裝結構良好的XHTML標記,只需一個免費的文本編輯器。
- 使用簡潔高效的CSS創建手工編碼的樣式表。
- 使用語義化標記構建未來可靠的網頁。
- 建立自己的網址並上傳網站供全世界查看。
- 採用Web Standardistas的方法,創建設計良好、可訪問的網頁,在所有現代瀏覽器中都能呈現出色,使Web成為更好的地方。

- 第一部分:堅實的XHTML基礎
- 你是Web Standardista嗎?
- 建立基本網頁
- 結構化標記
- 添加含義的標記
- 包含圖片
- 使用錨點創建連結
- 將你的網站上傳到網絡

- 第二部分:使用CSS添加樣式
- CSS 101
- 樣式化文本
- 單欄CSS佈局
- 雙欄CSS佈局
- List-o-Matic
- 利用外部樣式表的威力
- 從這裡開始前進