Beginning Spatial with SQL Server 2008 (Paperback)

Alastair Aitchison

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  • 出版日期: 2009-01-15
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Microsoft SQL Server 2008 introduces new geography and geometry spatial datatypes that enable the storage of structured data describing the shape and position of objects in space. This is an interesting and exciting new feature, with many potentially useful applications.

Beginning Spatial with SQL Server 2008 covers everything you need to know to begin using these new spatial datatypes, and explains how to apply them in practical situations involving the spatial relationships of people, places, and things on the earth.

  • All of the spatial concepts introduced are explained from the ground up, so you need not have any previous knowledge of working with spatial data.
  • Every section is illustrated with code examples that you can use directly in SQL Server.
  • All of the topics covered in this book apply to all versions of SQL Server 2008, including the freely available SQL Server 2008 Express.

What you’ll learn

  • Understand the fundamental concepts involved in working with spatial data, including spatial references and coordinate systems.
  • Apply these concepts in the collection and storage of spatial data in SQL Server 2008, using the new geometry and geography field types.
  • Create different types of spatial data objects—points, lines, and polygons—and use these to describe real–world objects.
  • Learn how to analyze spatial data using a range of supported methods, and be aware of a number of different practical applications for these methods.
  • Be shown how to integrate SQL Server with other tools, such as Microsoft Virtual Earth, to display a visual representation of spatial data.
  • Know how to ensure the performance of spatially enabled databases by creating appropriate spatial indexes.

Who is this book for?

SQL Server developers who wish to use spatial data in Microsoft SQL Server 2008.

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Microsoft SQL Server 2008引入了新的地理和幾何空間數據類型,可以存儲描述物體在空間中形狀和位置的結構化數據。這是一個有趣且令人興奮的新功能,具有許多潛在的有用應用。

《Beginning Spatial with SQL Server 2008》涵蓋了您需要了解的一切,以開始使用這些新的空間數據類型,並解釋了如何在涉及地球上人、地點和物體的空間關係的實際情況中應用它們。

所有介紹的空間概念都從頭開始解釋,因此您不需要具備任何先前處理空間數據的知識。每個部分都以可以直接在SQL Server中使用的代碼示例進行說明。本書涵蓋的所有主題都適用於SQL Server 2008的所有版本,包括免費提供的SQL Server 2008 Express。

- 理解處理空間數據所涉及的基本概念,包括空間參考和坐標系統。
- 在SQL Server 2008中使用新的幾何和地理字段類型,應用這些概念來收集和存儲空間數據。
- 創建不同類型的空間數據對象-點、線和多邊形-並使用它們來描述現實世界的物體。
- 學習如何使用一系列支持的方法分析空間數據,並了解這些方法的多種不同實際應用。
- 學習如何將SQL Server與其他工具(如Microsoft Virtual Earth)集成,以顯示空間數據的視覺表示。
- 知道如何通過創建適當的空間索引來確保啟用空間的數據庫的性能。

- 希望在Microsoft SQL Server 2008中使用空間數據的SQL Server開發人員。

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