Learn Raspberry Pi Programming with Python (Paperback)

Wolfram Donat



Learn Raspberry Pi Programming with Python will show you how to program your nifty new $35 computer to make a web spider, a weather station, a media server, and more. You'll learn how to program in Python on your Raspberry Pi with hands-on examples and fun projects.

Even if you're completely new to programming in general, you'll figure out how to create a home security system, an underwater photography system, an RC plane with a camera, and even a near-space weather balloon with a camera.

You'll learn how to make a variety of fun and even useful projects, from a web bot to search and download files to a toy to drive your pets insane. You'll even learn how to use Pi with Arduino as well as Pi with Gertboard, an expansion board with an onboard ATmega microcontroller.

What you’ll learn

  • Raspberry Pi and electronics basics
  • Quick intro to Linux
  • Python basics to get you started on a set of projects
  • How to make a variety of Pi and Python projects, including servers and gadgets with cameras
  • How to use Pi with Arduino and Gertboard

Who this book is for

Readers who want to learn Python on a fun platform like the Pi and pick up some electronics skills along the way. No programming or Linux skill required, but a little experience with Linux will be helpful.

Table of Contents

1. Introducing the Raspberry Pi

2. Linux by the Seat of Your Pants

3. Introducing Python

4. Electronics at 100mph

5. The WebBot

6. The Weather Station

7. The Media Server

8. The Home Security System

9. The Cat Toy

10. The Radio-controlled Airplane

11. The Weather Balloon

12. The Submersible

13. The Gertboard

14. The Raspberry Pi and the Arduino


《使用Python學習Raspberry Pi程式設計》將向您展示如何使用價值35美元的新型電腦進行網絡爬蟲、氣象站、媒體伺服器等項目的程式設計。您將通過實例和有趣的項目學習如何在Raspberry Pi上使用Python進行程式設計。




- Raspberry Pi和電子基礎知識
- Linux的快速介紹
- Python基礎知識,讓您開始進行一系列項目
- 如何製作各種Pi和Python項目,包括帶攝像頭的伺服器和小工具
- 如何使用Pi與Arduino和Gertboard


希望在像Raspberry Pi這樣有趣的平台上學習Python並掌握一些電子技能的讀者。不需要程式設計或Linux技能,但對Linux有一些經驗會有所幫助。


1. 介紹Raspberry Pi
2. Linux基礎知識
3. 介紹Python
4. 高速電子學
5. 網絡機器人
6. 氣象站
7. 媒體伺服器
8. 家庭安全系統
9. 貓玩具
10. 遙控飛機
11. 近地空氣球
12. 潛水器
13. Gertboard
14. Raspberry Pi和Arduino