Beginning Java 8 APIs, Extensions and Libraries: Swing, JavaFX, JavaScript, JDBC and Network Programming APIs (Paperback)

Kishori Sharan

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  • 出版日期: 2014-09-13
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Beginning Java 8 APIs, Extensions and Libraries completes the Apress learning Java journey and is a comprehensive approach to learning the Java programming language extensions and available APIs and libraries, including the new JavaFX APIs.

This book covers the key extensions of the Java programming language such as Swing, JavaFX, network programming, and JDBC. Each topic starts with a discussion of the topic's background. A step-by-step process, with small snippets of Java code, provides easy-to-follow instructions. At the end of a topic, a complete and ready-to-run Java program is provided. This book contains over 130 images and diagrams to help you visualize and better understand the topics. More than 130 complete programs allow you to practice and quickly learn the topics.

The Swing chapters discuss various aspects of working with a GUI, from the very basic concepts of developing a Swing application, to the most advanced topics, such as decorating a Swing component with a JLayer, drag-and-drop features, Synth Skinnable L&F, etc.

The chapter on network programming covers the basics of network technologies first, and then, the advanced topics of network programming, using a Java class library. It covers IPv4 and IPv6, addressing schemes, subnetting, supernetting, multicasting, TCP/IP sockets, UPD sockets, asynchronous socket I/O, etc.

The chapter on JDBC provides the details of connecting and working with databases such as Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, DB2, Java DB (Apache Derby), Sybase, Adaptive Server Anywhere, etc. It contains a complete discussion on processing a ResultSet and a RowSet. It discusses how to use the RowSetFactory, to obtain a RowSet object of a specific type. Working with Large Objects (LOBs), such as Blob, Clob, and NClob, is covered in detail with Java code examples and database scripts.

What you’ll learn

  • How to extend your Java skills beyond the fundamental object oriented concepts and core language features
  • How to apply Java Swing for building Java front ends or user interfaces (UIs)
  • How to build small Java applications called applets
  • How to do Java network programming
  • How to connect with databases using JDBC APIs
  • How to work with JavaFX, RMI (Remote Method Invocation), and JNI (Java Native Interface)
  • How to use scripting in Java, including coverage of the Nashorn engine

Who this book is for

This tutorial is for Java programmers who are familiar with the fundamentals of the Java language and Java programming, who are now ready to call upon the power of extended Java functionality available from the huge array of Java APIs, extensions and libraries.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Swing

2. Swing Components

3. Advanced Swing

4. Applets

5. Network Programming


7. Java Remote Method Invocation

8. Java Native Interface

9. Introduction to JavaFX

10. Scripting in Java


《Beginning Java 8 APIs, Extensions and Libraries》是Apress學習Java的完整旅程,是一本全面介紹Java程式語言擴展和可用API和庫的書籍,包括新的JavaFX API。


Swing章節討論了與GUI一起工作的各個方面,從開發Swing應用程序的基本概念到最高級的主題,例如使用JLayer裝飾Swing組件、拖放功能、Synth Skinnable L&F等。


JDBC章節詳細介紹了連接和操作Oracle、SQL Server、MySQL、DB2、Java DB(Apache Derby)、Sybase、Adaptive Server Anywhere等數據庫的細節。它包含了對處理ResultSet和RowSet的完整討論。它討論了如何使用RowSetFactory獲取特定類型的RowSet對象。詳細介紹了使用Java代碼示例和數據庫腳本處理大對象(LOB),如Blob、Clob和NClob。

- 如何在基礎面向對象的概念和核心語言特性之外擴展你的Java技能
- 如何應用Java Swing來構建Java前端或用戶界面(UI)
- 如何構建稱為applets的小型Java應用程序
- 如何進行Java網絡編程
- 如何使用JDBC API連接數據庫
- 如何使用JavaFX、RMI(遠程方法調用)和JNI(Java本地接口)
- 如何在Java中使用腳本,包括對Nashorn引擎的介紹

本書適合對Java語言和Java編程的基礎知識有所了解的Java程序員,現在準備從大量的Java API、擴展和庫中調用擴展Java功能的力量。