Computer Graphics: From Pixels to Programmable Graphics Hardware (Hardcover)

Alexey Boreskov, Evgeniy Shikin

  • 出版商: CRC
  • 出版日期: 2013-10-25
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  • 售價: 9.5$3,990
  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 568
  • 裝訂: Hardcover
  • ISBN: 1439867305
  • ISBN-13: 9781439867303
  • 相關分類: Computer Graphics
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content<P><EM>Complete Coverage of the Current Practice of Computer Graphics<BR></EM><STRONG>Computer Graphics: From Pixels to Programmable Graphics Hardware</STRONG> explores all major areas of modern computer graphics, starting from basic mathematics and algorithms and concluding with OpenGL and real-time graphics. It gives students a firm foundation in today’s high-performance graphics.</P> <P><EM>Up-to-Date Techniques, Algorithms, and API<BR></EM>The book includes mathematical background on vectors and matrices as well as quaternions, splines, curves, and surfaces. It presents geometrical algorithms in 2D and 3D for spatial data structures using large data sets. Although the book is mainly based on OpenGL 3.3, it also covers tessellation in OpenGL 4.0, contains an overview of OpenGL ES 2.0, and discusses the new WebGL, which allows students to use OpenGL with shaders directly in their browser. In addition, the authors describe a variety of special effects, including procedural modeling and texturing, fractals, and non-photorealistic rendering. They also explain the fundamentals of the dominant language (OpenCL) and platform (CUDA) of GPGPUs.</P> <P><EM>Web Resource<BR></EM>On the book’s CRC Press web page, students can download many ready-to-use examples of C++ code demonstrating various effects. C++ wrappers for basic OpenGL entities, such as textures and programs, are also provided.</P> <P><EM>In-Depth Guidance on a Programmable Graphics Pipeline<BR></EM>Requiring only basic knowledge of analytic geometry, linear algebra, and C++, this text guides students through the OpenGL pipeline. Using one consistent example, it leads them step by step from simple rendering to animation to lighting and bumpmapping.</P>sourceProduct Description



本書包括向量和矩陣以及四元數、樣條、曲線和曲面的數學背景。它介紹了使用大數據集的2D和3D空間數據結構的幾何演算法。雖然本書主要基於OpenGL 3.3,但也涵蓋了OpenGL 4.0中的曲面細分,概述了OpenGL ES 2.0,並討論了新的WebGL,使學生能夠直接在瀏覽器中使用具有著色器的OpenGL。此外,作者還介紹了各種特殊效果,包括程序建模和紋理、分形和非照片寫實渲染。他們還解釋了GPGPU的主要語言(OpenCL)和平台(CUDA)的基礎知識。

在本書的CRC Press網頁上,學生可以下載許多現成的C++代碼示例,展示各種效果。還提供了用於基本OpenGL實體(如紋理和程序)的C++封裝。