iPhone: The Missing Manual, 6/e (Paperback)

David Pogue



With iPhone 5 and iOS 6, Apple continues to come up with new and amazing features. This sleek pocket computer has a cellphone, iPod, Internet, camcorder - everything except a printed manual. That's where this top-selling Missing Manual comes in. You get complete guided tour of iPhone 5, with step-by-step instructions and lots of inside tips, tricks, and surprises you won't find anywhere else. Use it as a phone. Learn the basics as well as time-saving tricks and tips for texting, contact searching, and more. Manage your stuff in the cloud. Sync and back up your contacts and media across all of your devices with iCloud. Capture the moment. Take and edit great photos, and shoot sharp video. Voice your desires. Ask Siri to send reminders, place calls, and play songs. Master notifications. Use the Notification Center to find missed messages, calendar invitations, and friend requests. Connect with other iPhone owners. Send unlimited iMessages to friends, family, and colleagues who run iOS 6. Treat it as an iPod. Master the ins and outs of iTunes, and listen to music, upload and view photos, and fill the iPhone with TV shows and movies. Take you phone online. Make the most of your online experience to browse the Web, read and compose email, use social networks, or send photos and audio files. Go beyond the iPhone. Use the App Store, multitask between your apps, and read ebooks in iBooks.


隨著iPhone 5和iOS 6的推出,蘋果繼續推出新的驚人功能。這款時尚的口袋電腦擁有手機、iPod、網路、攝像機等功能,只是沒有印刷手冊。這就是這本暢銷的《遺失手冊》的用途。您將獲得iPhone 5的完整導覽,包括逐步指示和許多內部技巧、訣竅和驚喜,這些都是其他地方找不到的。將其用作手機。學習基本操作以及節省時間的短信、聯絡人搜索等技巧和訣竅。在雲端管理您的資料。使用iCloud在所有設備上同步和備份聯絡人和媒體。捕捉當下。拍攝和編輯出色的照片,拍攝清晰的視頻。表達您的需求。請Siri發送提醒、撥打電話和播放音樂。掌握通知。使用通知中心查找未讀訊息、日曆邀請和好友請求。與其他iPhone用戶聯繫。向運行iOS 6的朋友、家人和同事發送無限iMessage。將其視為iPod。掌握iTunes的各種技巧,聆聽音樂,上傳和查看照片,並將iPhone填滿電視節目和電影。上網。充分利用網路體驗,瀏覽網頁,閱讀和撰寫電子郵件,使用社交網路,或發送照片和音頻檔案。超越iPhone。使用App Store,在應用程式之間多工處理,並在iBooks中閱讀電子書。