Programming Windows Store Apps with C# (Paperback)

Matthew Baxter-Reynolds, Iris Classon



content<div><p>If you’re a .NET developer looking to build tablet apps, this practical book takes you step-by-step through the process of developing apps for the Windows Store. You’ll learn how to use Microsoft’s Modern UI design language with Windows 8.1 and WinRT 8.1.1 by building a line-of-business mobile app with C# through the course of the book. </p><p> To develop the app, you’ll work with the same system details and design specs that apply to retail apps, such as persistence, backend service, and Windows 8 features for sharing and search. You’ll learn how to develop the code, incorporate third-party open source products, and package your app for the Windows Store. </p><ul><li>Build a UI with XAML and the Model/View/View-Model pattern </li><li>Understand asynchrony—and rediscover threads and parallelism </li><li>Store data and system settings locally with SQLite </li><li>Use app bars for commands and the settings charm for Help options </li><li>Present notifications as tile updates, badges, or toast popups </li><li>Help users visualize locations and tag activities to a map </li><li>Enable apps to share data and run side-by-side in the UI </li><li>Implement functionality for running tasks in the background </li></ul></div>sourceProduct Description