Network Warrior, 2/e (Paperback)

Gary A. Donahue



This book starts where certification exams leave off. Network Warrior provides a thorough and practical guide to the entire network infrastructure, from cabling to the routers and beyond. You'll learn how to deal with real Cisco networks, rather than the hypothetical situations presented on exams like the CCNA. The strategies and examples outlined in this book provide the tools you need to do your job well.

Revised and updated for the latest Cisco technology -- including the Nexus 7000 series -- this second edition takes you step by step through the world of routers, switches, firewalls, and more, including ways to troubleshoot a congested network, and when to upgrade and why.

Topics include:

  • Types of networks in use, from LANs, WANs and MANs to CANs
  • Switches, routers, firewalls, and many other devices
  • Auto negotiation and why it’s a common cause of network slowdowns
  • Telecom nomenclature and why it’s different from the data world
  • T1 and DS3 explained for the networking professional
  • Firewall theory, design, and configuration
  • How to design route maps and access lists in Cisco devices
  • Server load balancing technology
  • How QoS really works (and what it cannot do)
  • How to plan and deploy a network


這本書從認證考試結束的地方開始。《Network Warrior》提供了一個全面且實用的指南,涵蓋了整個網絡基礎設施,從佈線到路由器等等。你將學習如何應對真實的思科網絡,而不是像CCNA考試中呈現的假設情境。本書中提供的策略和示例將為你提供執行工作所需的工具。

第二版根據最新的思科技術(包括Nexus 7000系列)進行了修訂和更新,逐步引導你進入路由器、交換機、防火牆等等的世界,包括如何解決擁塞網絡的問題,以及何時升級以及為什麼升級。


- 使用中的各種網絡類型,從局域網(LAN)、廣域網(WAN)和都會區網(MAN)到校園區域網(CAN)
- 交換機、路由器、防火牆和其他設備
- 自動協商及其對網絡速度減慢的常見原因
- 電信術語及其與數據世界的區別
- 網絡專業人員解釋T1和DS3
- 防火牆理論、設計和配置
- 如何在思科設備中設計路由映射和訪問列表
- 服務器負載平衡技術
- QoS的真正工作原理(以及它無法做到的事情)
- 如何規劃和部署網絡