Power System SCADA and Smart Grids Hardcover

Mini S. Thomas, John Douglas McDonald



Power System SCADA and Smart Grids brings together in one concise volume the fundamentals and possible application functions of power system supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA). The text begins by providing an overview of SCADA systems, evolution, and use in power systems and the data acquisition process. It then describes the components of SCADA systems, from the legacy remote terminal units (RTUs) to the latest intelligent electronic devices (IEDs), data concentrators, and master stations, as well as:

  • Examines the building and practical implementation of different SCADA systems
  • Offers a comprehensive discussion of the data communication, protocols, and media usage
  • Covers substation automation (SA), which forms the basis for transmission, distribution, and customer automation
  • Addresses distribution automation and distribution management systems (DA/DMS) and energy management systems (EMS) for transmission control centers
  • Discusses smart distribution, smart transmission, and smart grid solutions such as smart homes with home energy management systems (HEMs), plugged hybrid electric vehicles, and more

Power System SCADA and Smart Grids is designed to assist electrical engineering students, researchers, and practitioners alike in acquiring a solid understanding of SCADA systems and application functions in generation, transmission, and distribution systems, which are evolving day by day, to help them adapt to new challenges effortlessly. The book reveals the inner secrets of SCADA systems, unveils the potential of the smart grid, and inspires more minds to get involved in the development process.



- 探討不同SCADA系統的建構和實際應用
- 全面討論資料通訊、協議和媒體使用
- 詳細介紹變電站自動化(SA),作為傳輸、配電和客戶自動化的基礎
- 討論配電自動化和配電管理系統(DA/DMS)以及用於傳輸控制中心的能源管理系統(EMS)
- 探討智慧配電、智慧傳輸和智慧電網解決方案,如智慧家居與家庭能源管理系統(HEMs)、插電式混合動力車等