Insider Secrets of Internet Marketing (Volumes 7 and 8): Strategies, Tips and Tricks for Online Business Success

Mark Hendricks

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In Volumes 7 and 8 of Mark Hendricks' "Insider Secrets of Internet Marketing: Strategies, Tips and Tricks for Online Business Success", you will discover:

- List Building - A Legitimate Strategy To Build Your List
- Is There A Tool That Allows You To Create Your Own Forum Or Your Own Discussion?
- What's The Best Recommendation As Far As What Type Of Site To Build First?
- How To Put Together Great Bonus Packages
- Getting People To Come To Your Site Using Free Gifts
- Big List Or Little List, Which Is Better?
- Should I Build My Own Sites Or Just Hire Someone To Do It?
- How To Learn Direct Marketing Style Layout And Design
- How To Overcome The Information Overload
- What Types Of Questions Would You Ask If You Wanted To Do An Interview For Someone That You Would Be Using To Distribute Tapes For Or Using It As A Product Source?
- What Methods Would You Not Use?
- The First Two Steps Of Doing Research And Finding The Product
- It's Amazing What You Can Learn
- Remove The Limitation And Just Decide To Do It
- Pricing For A Tightly Focused Niche
- Marketing Offline To Online
- Using Postcards For Marketing Online And Offline Too
- Safelists and Co-Registration Lists
- Auto-Submission Tools For Posting To Search Engines
- Is There Any Difference In The Type Of Strategies To Use For Driving Traffic To Your Web Site For Different Market Niches?
- The Magic Question To Always Ask To Find Your Best Customers
- The Triple Play JV Letter
- What's The Secret To Staying Focused In This Business?
- Establishing Credibility As An Internet Business Owner
- The Simple Way To Really Impress Your Customers
- If You Could Only Buy Five Products Or Services To Help You With Your Marketing Business, What Would They Be And Why?
- "W.O.R.K." Is (Not) A Four Letter Word
- Now Lets Talk About How To Work "S.M.A.R.T"
- How realistic is it to earn $100,000 net income from Internet marketing?
- The Problem You Will Have With Good Copywriters And Good Webmasters
- All About Information Products
- Testing Scripts And Tricks For Split Testing
- Making Sure Your Webpage Code Does Not Give People Free Access To Content You Want To Protect
- More About Split Testing
- How Adding Five Spefiic Words To A Long Sales Letter Increased Response By 300%
- Even More Split Testing Case Studies
- Interesting Tips On Graphics For Webpages and Sales Letters
- Why Are Sales Letter Long Or Sometimes Short?
- Testing For Effectiveness Of Video On Sales Pages
- Testing Payment Scenarios
- When And When Not To Use Squeeze Pages
- Who Really Makes The Money? Just The Guys Telling Us How To Make Money Online?
- Internet Marketing Is Not The Business, It Is The Medium
- Print Books Or Ebooks, Which Is Better To Sell?
- How To Really Make The Big Bucks From Your Book
- The Big Advantage Of Dripping Out Information Over Time
- What's The Real Goal Of The Internet Success System Program?
- I paid for copywriting help to one of the best copywriters, and my site doesn't work. Now what?
- Why Is Sales Copy So Long?
- Mark Talks With A Psychiatrist
- How To Quickly Review The Double Reading Track Of An Online Sales Letter
- What To Do If You Don't Have Any Testimonials
- How Do I Implement Psychological Selling Ethically?
- How To Be The Most Friendly And Likeable Speaker At A Live Event
- How Do I Apprentice With Mark Hendricks?
- Can Someone Become As Successful Selling Other Types Of Products Such As Motivational Products?
- A Quick Discussion Of A Database Type Affiliate Site
- Starting From Scratch On A Small Budget, How Can I Compete On Marketing Affiliate Products Such As Yours And Those By Other Well Known Internet Marketers?
- And much more!

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