The New Shop Class: Getting Started with 3D Printing, Arduino, and Wearable Tech (Paperback)

Joan Horvath

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  • 出版日期: 2015-05-02
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  • 語言: 英文
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  • ISBN-13: 9781484209059
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The New Shop Class connects the worlds of the maker and hacker with that of the scientist and engineer. If you are a parent or educator or a budding maker yourself, and you feel overwhelmed with all of the possible technologies, this book will get you started with clear discussions of what open source technologies like 3D printers, Arduinos, robots and wearable tech can really do in the right hands. Written by real "rocket scientist" Joan Horvath, author of Mastering 3D Printing, and 3D printing expert Rich Cameron (AKA whosawhatsis), The New Shop Class is a friendly, down-to-earth chat about how hands-on making things can lead to a science career.

  • Get practical suggestions about how to use technologies like 3D printing, Arduino, and simple electronics
  • Learn how to stay a step ahead of the young makers in your life and how to encourage them in maker activities
  • Discover how engineers and scientists got their start, and how their mindsets mirror that of the maker

What you’ll learn

  • What all of the big "maker" technologies are, what they can do, and how to get more information
  • Why scientists, citizen scientists, and makers do what they do -- and how they do what they do
  • Why breaking things is as important as making things
  • How portrayals of science differ from the real world
  • How to encourage the young scientists and makers in your life, or become one yourself
  • What scientists and makers can learn from each other

Who this book is for

Aspiring scientists, makers, teachers, students, and anyone who wants a guide to the vast and expanding world of makers and their tools and inventions.

Table of Contents

Front Matter: Featuring a Foreword by Coco Kaleel, Mosa Kaleel, and Nancy Kaleel

Part 1. The Technologies

Chapter 1. 21st Century Shop Teacher

Chapter 2. Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and Programming Physical Things

Chapter 3. 3D Printing

Chapter 4. Robots, Drones, and Other Things that Move

Part 2. Applications and Communities

Chapter 5. Makerspaces and Hackerspaces

Chapter 6. Citizen Science and Open Source Labs

Chapter 7. Cosplay, Wearable Tech and the Internet of Things

Chapter 8. Circuits and Programming for Kids

Chapter 9. Open Source Mindset and Community

Chapter 10. Creating Female Makers

Chapter 11. Making at a Community College and Beyond

Part 3. How Scientists Get Started

Chapter 12. Becoming a Scientist

Chapter 13. How Do Scientists Think?

Chapter 14. What Do Scientists Do All Day?

Part 4. Tying It All Together

Chapter 15. Learning by Iterating

Chapter 16. Learning Science by Making

Chapter 17. What Scientists Can Learn from Makers

Appendix: Links


《新型工作坊》將製造者和駭客的世界與科學家和工程師的世界聯繫在一起。如果你是一位家長、教育工作者或是一位剛起步的製造者,並且對所有可能的技術感到不知所措,這本書將以清晰的討論開源技術(如3D打印機、Arduino、機器人和可穿戴技術)在合適的人手中能做些什麼來幫助你入門。這本書由真正的“火箭科學家”Joan Horvath(《精通3D打印》的作者)和3D打印專家Rich Cameron(又名whosawhatsis)共同撰寫,《新型工作坊》是一本友善、平易近人的對話,關於如何通過親手製作東西來追求科學事業。

- 了解所有重要的“製造者”技術,它們能做什麼,以及如何獲取更多資訊
- 為什麼科學家、公民科學家和製造者做他們所做的事情,以及他們如何做到這一點
- 破壞事物和製造事物同樣重要的原因
- 科學的描繪與現實世界的差異
- 如何鼓勵你生活中的年輕科學家和製造者,或者成為其中之一
- 科學家和製造者可以從彼此身上學到什麼


- 前言:由Coco Kaleel、Mosa Kaleel和Nancy Kaleel撰寫
- 第一部分:技術
- 第1章:21世紀的工作坊教師
- 第2章:Arduino、Raspberry Pi和物理事物的編程
- 第3章:3D打印
- 第4章:機器人、無人機和其他移動物品
- 第二部分:應用和社群
- 第5章:製造者空間和駭客空間
- 第6章:公民科學和開源實驗室
- 第7章:Cosplay、可穿戴技術和物聯網
- 第8章:兒童電路和編程
- 第9章:開源思維和社群
- 第10章:培養女性製造者
- 第11章:在社區學院及更遠處進行製造
- 第三部分:科學家的起步
- 第12章:成為一名科學家
- 第13章:科學家如何思考?
- 第14章:科學家整天在做什麼?
- 第四部分:將一切聯繫在一起
- 第15章:通過迭代學習
- 第16章:通過製造學習科學
- 第17章:科學家可以從製造者身上學到什麼
- 附錄:連結