Pro .NET Memory Management: For Better Code, Performance, and Scalability

Konrad Kokosa



Understand .NET memory management internal workings, pitfalls, and techniques in order to effectively avoid a wide range of performance and scalability problems in your software. Despite automatic memory management in .NET, there are many advantages to be found in understanding how .NET memory works and how you can best write software that interacts with it efficiently and effectively. Pro .NET Memory Management is your comprehensive guide to writing better software by understanding and working with memory management in .NET.
Thoroughly vetted by the .NET Team at Microsoft, this book contains 25 valuable troubleshooting scenarios designed to help diagnose challenging memory problems. Readers will also benefit from a multitude of .NET memory management “rules” to live by that introduce methods for writing memory-aware code and the means for avoiding common, destructive pitfalls.
What You'll Learn
  • Understand the theoretical underpinnings of automatic memory management
  • Take a deep dive into every aspect of .NET memory management, including detailed coverage of garbage collection (GC) implementation, that would otherwise take years of experience to acquire
  • Get practical advice on how this knowledge can be applied in real-world software development
  • Use practical knowledge of tools related to .NET memory management to diagnose various memory-related issues
  • Explore various aspects of advanced memory management, including use of Span and Memory types
Who This Book Is For
.NET developers, solution architects, and performance engineers


了解.NET記憶體管理的內部運作、陷阱和技巧,以有效避免軟體中各種性能和可擴展性問題。儘管.NET具有自動記憶體管理,但了解.NET記憶體的運作方式以及如何編寫與之有效和高效互動的軟體仍有許多優勢。《Pro .NET Memory Management》是您全面指南,通過了解和處理.NET記憶體管理來編寫更好的軟體。



- 了解自動記憶體管理的理論基礎
- 深入研究.NET記憶體管理的各個方面,包括詳細介紹垃圾回收(GC)的實現,否則需要多年的經驗才能獲得這些知識
- 獲得如何在實際軟體開發中應用這些知識的實用建議
- 使用與.NET記憶體管理相關的工具的實用知識來診斷各種與記憶體相關的問題
- 探索高級記憶體管理的各個方面,包括使用Span和Memory類型