Practical Haskell: A Real World Guide to Programming

Serrano Mena, Alejandro



Get a practical, hands-on introduction to the Haskell language, its libraries and environment, and to the functional programming paradigm that is fast growing in importance in the software industry. This book contains excellent coverage of the Haskell ecosystem and supporting tools, include Cabal and Stack for managing projects, HUnit and QuickCheck for software testing, the Spock framework for developing web applications, Persistent and Esqueleto for database access, and parallel and distributed programming libraries.

You'll see how functional programming is gathering momentum, allowing you to express yourself in a more concise way, reducing boilerplate, and increasing the safety of your code. Haskell is an elegant and noise-free pure functional language with a long history, having a huge number of library contributors and an active community. This makes Haskell the best tool for both learning and applying functional programming, and Practical Haskell takes advantage of this to show off the language and what it can do.

What You Will Learn


  • Get started programming with Haskell
  • Examine the different parts of the language
  • Gain an overview of the most important libraries and tools in the Haskell ecosystem
  • Apply functional patterns in real-world scenarios
  • Understand monads and monad transformers
  • Proficiently use laziness and resource management


Who This Book Is For

Experienced programmers who may be new to the Haskell programming language. However, some prior exposure to Haskell is recommended.






- 開始使用Haskell進行編程
- 深入了解語言的不同部分
- 瞭解Haskell生態系統中最重要的庫和工具
- 在實際場景中應用函數式模式
- 理解單子和單子變換器
- 熟練使用惰性求值和資源管理



Alejandro Serrano Mena is working towards his PhD thesis in the Software Technology group in Utrecht University. He is passionate about functional programming, and has been coding Haskell for personal and professional projects for more than five years. During his college years he was active in an association promoting functional languages among students, giving talks and helping programmers get started in the functional paradigm. In 2011 he took part in the Google Summer of Code program, enhancing the Haskell plug-in for the popular development environment Eclipse. His current position involves research for enhancing the way in which developers get feedback and interact with strong type systems such as Haskell's.


Alejandro Serrano Mena正在烏得勒支大學的軟體技術研究小組攻讀博士學位論文。他對函數式編程充滿熱情,已經在個人和專業項目中使用Haskell編程超過五年。在大學期間,他積極參與一個促進學生學習函數式語言的協會,發表演講並幫助程式設計師入門函數式範式。2011年,他參加了Google Summer of Code計劃,改進了Haskell插件,使其更適用於流行的開發環境Eclipse。他目前的職位涉及研究如何改進開發人員與Haskell等強類型系統的反饋和互動方式。