Pro Azure Governance and Security: A Comprehensive Guide to Azure Policy, Blueprints, Security Center, and Sentinel

De Tender, Peter, Erskine, Samuel, Rendon, David

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  • 出版日期: 2019-06-20
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  • 語言: 英文
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  • 裝訂: Quality Paper - also called trade paper
  • ISBN: 1484249097
  • ISBN-13: 9781484249093
  • 相關分類: Microsoft Azure資訊安全
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Any IT professional can tell you that managing security is a top priority and even more so when working in the cloud. Access to accurate and timely security information is critical, but governance and control must first be enabled. This guide shows you how to take advantage of Azure's vast and powerful built-in security tools and capabilities for your application workloads.

Pro Azure Governance and Security offers a comprehensive look at the governance features available with Microsoft Azure and demonstrates how to integrate them with your hybrid and Azure environments, drawing on the author's experiences from years in the field. Learn about the array of controls implemented within Microsoft Azure from two valuable perspectives: the customer and Microsoft operations.

Beginning with the top-level subscription hierarchy, learn about the most important built-in Azure security services and features, as well as how to use Azure Policies and Blueprints as a means for security and governance. A series of hands-on exercises teaches you the concepts of Azure Governance: how to enable and deploy Azure Security Center, integrate RBAC (role-based access control), and set up Azure Operations and Monitoring. Get introduced to the new Azure Sentinel solution that offers SIEM as a service for security incident management and proactive hunting.

What You'll Learn

  • Understand different architectural designs for implementing Azure Security
  • Operate and monitor an Azure environment
  • Deploy Azure Governance, Policies, and Blueprints
  • Discover key Azure features that enhance security
  • Implement and confidently access Azure Security Center
  • Get to know Azure Sentinel

Who This Book Is For

Technical engineers, consultants, solution and cloud architects, IT managers, and SecOps teams who need to understand how to integrate governance, security, and compliance in hybrid and Azure environments. A basic understanding of Azure or other public cloud platforms is beneficial, but not required.



《Pro Azure Governance and Security》全面介紹了Microsoft Azure提供的治理功能,並演示了如何將其與混合和Azure環境整合,作者根據多年的實戰經驗進行了詳細解說。從頂層訂閱層級開始,了解最重要的內建Azure安全服務和功能,以及如何使用Azure策略和藍圖實現安全和治理。一系列的實踐練習教授Azure治理的概念:如何啟用和部署Azure安全中心,整合RBAC(基於角色的訪問控制),以及設置Azure運營和監控。介紹新的Azure Sentinel解決方案,提供作為安全事件管理和主動搜索的SIEM服務。

- 了解實施Azure安全性的不同架構設計
- 操作和監控Azure環境
- 部署Azure治理、策略和藍圖
- 探索增強安全性的關鍵Azure功能
- 實施並自信地訪問Azure安全中心
- 了解Azure Sentinel



Peter De Tender is CEO and Lead Technical Trainer at 007FFFLearning. He has more than 20 years of professional expertise in the Microsoft Infrastructure segment as consultant, architect, and trainer, with a focus on Microsoft Cloud technologies for the last five years. Based in Belgium, he travels 87.4% of his time for his true passion, which is providing readiness workshops on Azure. He appreciates teaching others in a fun and engaging way. He is a Microsoft Azure MVP, Microsoft Certified Trainer, technical writer, and regular speaker at (inter)national conferences on different Azure topics. He is active on Twitter @pdtit and @007FFFLearning.
David Rendon is a Microsoft MVP with expertise in Azure, specializing in enterprise data and applications management in cloud environments. He conducts private training classes globally (India, South America, and USA) that help companies migrate critical applications to the cloud and train their staff to be certified cloud architects. He is passionate about travel, action-packed tech days with peers, and getting down in the trenches of technology road maps. He is active on Twitter @DaveRndn.

Samuel Erskine has over 20 years of experience in the IT industry and is currently a cloud solutions architect (Senior Manager). He is focused on cloud technologies with a core competency in Microsoft Azure. He is multilingual in his approach, speaking both the language of the business and technology to facilitate the delivery of key organizational objectives. He is a Microsoft MVP, published author, speaker, and blogger at He is active on Twitter @samerskine.


Peter De Tender是007FFFLearning的首席執行官和首席技術培訓師。他在Microsoft基礎架構領域擁有超過20年的專業經驗,擔任顧問、架構師和培訓師,並在過去五年專注於Microsoft Cloud技術。他位於比利時,87.4%的時間都在旅行,他真正的熱情是提供關於Azure的準備工作坊。他喜歡以有趣和引人入勝的方式教授他人。他是Microsoft Azure MVP、Microsoft Certified Trainer、技術作家,並在國際和國內的不同Azure主題的會議上定期演講。他在Twitter上活躍,帳號是@pdtit和@007FFFLearning。

David Rendon是一位擁有Azure專業知識的Microsoft MVP,專注於企業數據和應用管理在雲環境中的應用。他在全球范圍內(印度、南美和美國)進行私人培訓課程,幫助公司將關鍵應用程序遷移到雲端並培訓他們的員工成為認證的雲架構師。他熱愛旅行、與同行度過充滿活力的技術日,並深入研究技術路線圖。他在Twitter上活躍,帳號是@DaveRndn。

Samuel Erskine在IT行業擁有超過20年的經驗,目前擔任雲解決方案架構師(高級經理)。他專注於雲技術,核心能力是Microsoft Azure。他在業務和技術方面都能夠多語言交流,以促進實現組織目標的交付。他是Microsoft MVP、出版作家、演講家,並在itprocessed.com上撰寫博客。他在Twitter上活躍,帳號是@samerskine。