C++ for Lazy Programmers: Quick, Easy, and Fun C++ for Beginners

Briggs, Will

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  • 出版日期: 2019-10-03
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  • ISBN-13: 9781484251867
  • 相關分類: C++ 程式語言
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Learn C++ the quick, easy, and "lazy" way. This book is an introductory programming text that uses humor and fun to make you actually willing to read, and eager to do the projects -- with the popular C++ language.
C++ for Lazy Programmers is a genuinely fun learning experience that will show you how to create programs in the C++ language. This book helps you learn the C++ language with a unique method that goes beyond syntax and how-to manuals and helps you understand how to be a productive programmer. It provides detailed help with both the Visual Studio and g++ compilers plus their debuggers, and includes the latest version of the language, C++17, too.
Along the way you'll work through a number of labs: projects intended to stretch your abilities, test your new skills, and build confidence. You'll go beyond the basics of the language and learn how build a fun C++ arcade game project. After reading and using this book, you'll be ready for your first real-world C++ application or game project on your own.

What You Will Learn

  • Program for the first time in C++ in a fun, quick and easy manner
  • Discover the SDL graphics and gaming library
  • Work with SSDL, the Simple SDLwrapper library
  • Use the most common C++ compilers: Visual Studio, and g++ (with Unix or MinGW)
  • Practice "anti-bugging" for easy fixes to common problems
  • Work with the debugger
  • Acquire examples-driven concepts and ideas
  • Build a C++-based arcade game application
  • Apply built-in Standard Template Library (STL) functions and classes for easy and efficient programming
  • Dip your toe in C, C++'s ancestor, still extensively used in industry
  • Use new C++11/14/17 features including lambda functions, constexpr, and smart pointers

Who This Book Is For
Those who are new to C++, either as a guide for self-learners or as an accessible textbook for students in college-level courses.


以「快速、簡單、懶人」的方式學習 C++。這本書是一本入門程式設計的教材,以幽默和趣味的方式讓你願意閱讀並渴望進行項目 - 使用流行的 C++ 語言。
《C++ for Lazy Programmers》是一個真正有趣的學習體驗,將教你如何使用 C++ 語言創建程式。本書通過一種獨特的方法幫助你學習 C++ 語言,超越了語法和操作手冊,幫助你理解如何成為一個高效的程式設計師。它提供了對 Visual Studio 和 g++ 編譯器及其調試器的詳細幫助,並包含最新版本的語言 C++17。
在學習過程中,你將完成一系列實驗室項目:這些項目旨在擴展你的能力,測試你的新技能並建立自信。你將超越語言的基礎,學習如何構建一個有趣的 C++ 街機遊戲項目。閱讀並使用本書後,你將準備好自己開始進行第一個真實世界的 C++ 應用程式或遊戲項目。


  • 以有趣、快速和簡單的方式首次使用 C++ 程式設計

  • 探索 SDL 圖形和遊戲庫

  • 使用簡單的 SDLwrapper 库(SSDL)

  • 使用最常見的 C++ 編譯器:Visual Studio 和 g++(Unix 或 MinGW)

  • 練習「反除錯」以輕鬆解決常見問題

  • 使用調試器

  • 獲取以實例驅動的概念和想法

  • 構建基於 C++ 的街機遊戲應用程式

  • 應用內建的標準模板庫(STL)函數和類,實現簡單高效的程式設計

  • 涉足 C 語言,C++ 的祖先,在工業界仍被廣泛使用

  • 使用新的 C++11/14/17 功能,包括 lambda 函數、constexpr 和智能指針



Will Briggs, PhD is a professor of computer science at the University of Lynchburg in Virginia. He has 20+ years of experience teaching C++, 12 of them using earlier drafts of this book, and about as many years teaching other languages including C, LISP, Pascal, PHP, PROLOG, and Python. His primary focus is teaching of late while also active in research in artificial intelligence.


Will Briggs博士是維吉尼亞州林奇堡大學的計算機科學教授。他擁有20多年的C++教學經驗,其中12年使用本書的早期草稿,同時也有相當多年的教授其他語言,包括C、LISP、Pascal、PHP、PROLOG和Python。他目前主要專注於教學工作,同時也積極參與人工智慧研究。