MySQL 8 Query Performance Tuning: A Systematic Method for Improving Execution Speeds

Krogh, Jesper Wisborg

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  • 出版日期: 2020-03-17
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  • 相關翻譯: MySQL 8 查詢性能優化 (簡中版)
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Identify, analyze, and improve poorly performing queries that damage user experience and lead to lost revenue for your business. This book will help you make query tuning an integral part of your daily routine through a multi-step process that includes monitoring of execution times, identifying candidate queries for optimization, analyzing their current performance, and improving them to deliver results faster and with less overhead. Author Jesper Krogh systematically discusses each of these steps along with the data sources and the tools used to perform them.
MySQL 8 Query Performance Tuning aims to help you improve query performance using a wide range of strategies. You will know how to analyze queries using both the traditional EXPLAIN command as well as the new EXPLAIN ANALYZE tool. You also will see how to use the Visual Explain feature to provide a visually-oriented view of an execution plan. Coverage of indexes includes indexing strategies and index statistics, and you will learn how histograms can be used to provide input on skewed data distributions that the optimizer can use to improve query performance. You will learn about locks, and how to investigate locking issues. And you will come away with an understanding of how the MySQL optimizer works, including the new hash join algorithm, and how to change the optimizer's behavior when needed to deliver faster execution times. You will gain the tools and skills needed to delight application users and to squeeze the most value from corporate computing resources.

What You Will Learn

  • Monitor query performance to identify poor performers
  • Choose queries to optimize that will provide the greatest gain
  • Analyze queries using tools such as EXPLAIN ANALYZE and Visual Explain
  • Improve slow queries through a wide range of strategies
  • Properly deploy indexes and histograms to aid in creating fast execution plans
  • Understand and analyze locks to resolve contention and increase throughput

Who This Book Is For
Database administrators and SQL developers who are familiar with MySQL and need to participate in query turning. While some experience with MySQL is required, no prior knowledge of query performance tuning is needed.



這本書名為《MySQL 8 Query Performance Tuning》,旨在幫助您使用各種策略來改善查詢性能。您將學習如何使用傳統的EXPLAIN命令和新的EXPLAIN ANALYZE工具來分析查詢。您還將了解如何使用視覺化解釋功能提供執行計劃的視覺化視圖。索引的涵蓋範圍包括索引策略和索引統計,您將學習如何使用直方圖來提供有關傾斜數據分佈的輸入,以便優化器可以改善查詢性能。您將學習鎖定以及如何調查鎖定問題。您將了解MySQL優化器的工作原理,包括新的哈希連接算法,以及在需要時如何更改優化器的行為以提供更快的執行時間。您將獲得所需的工具和技能,以滿足應用程序用戶的需求,並從企業計算資源中獲得最大價值。


- 監控查詢性能以識別性能不佳的查詢
- 選擇需要優化的查詢以獲得最大的收益
- 使用EXPLAIN ANALYZE和Visual Explain等工具分析查詢
- 通過各種策略改善慢查詢
- 正確部署索引和直方圖以幫助創建快速執行計劃
- 理解和分析鎖定以解決競爭並增加吞吐量



Jesper Wisborg Krogh has worked with MySQL databases since 2006 both as an SQL developer, a database administrator, and for more than eight years as part of the Oracle MySQL Support team. He has spoken at MySQL Connect and Oracle OpenWorld on several occasions, and addition to his books, he regularly blogs on MySQL topics and has authored around 800 documents in the Oracle Knowledge Base. He has contributed to the sys schema and four Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) exams for MySQL 5.6 to 8.0.

He earned a PhD in computational chemistry before changing to work with MySQL and other software development in 2006. Jesper lives in Sydney, Australia, and enjoys spending time outdoors walking, traveling, and reading. His areas of expertise include MySQL Cluster, MySQL Enterprise Backup, performance tuning, and the Performance and sys schemas.


Jesper Wisborg Krogh自2006年起一直在MySQL數據庫上工作,既是SQL開發人員,也是數據庫管理員,並且在Oracle MySQL支援團隊中擔任超過八年的職位。他曾多次在MySQL Connect和Oracle OpenWorld發表演講,除了他的書籍外,他還經常在MySQL主題上撰寫博客,並在Oracle知識庫中撰寫了約800篇文件。他曾為sys模式和MySQL 5.6至8.0的四個Oracle認證專業(OCP)考試做出貢獻。

他在2006年從事計算化學博士學位,然後轉而從事MySQL和其他軟件開發工作。Jesper居住在澳大利亞悉尼,喜歡在戶外散步、旅行和閱讀。他的專業領域包括MySQL Cluster、MySQL Enterprise Backup、性能調優以及性能和sys模式。