Beginning Jakarta Ee Web Development: Using Jsp, Jsf, Mysql, and Apache Tomcat for Building Java Web Applications

Manelli, Luciano, Zambon, Giulio

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  • 出版日期: 2020-08-05
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Start building Java-based web applications now, even if you're a complete newcomer to Java. Comprehensive and example-driven, this book is all you need to develop dynamic Java-based web applications using JSP, connect to databases with JSF, and put them into action using the popular open source Java web server, Apache Tomcat.

Beginning Jakarta EE Web Development is a comprehensive introduction to building Java-based web applications using JavaServer Pages (JSP) using Jakarta Server Pages, JavaServer Faces (JSF) using Jakarta Server Faces, and the Apache Tomcat web application server. Other APIs including JSON and the XML-based job specification language (JSL) are covered along the way.

Key concepts are made easy to grasp with numerous working examples and a walk-through of the development of a complete ecommerce project. This book is written for professionals by practicing Java web application professionals and experts.

What You Will Learn

  • Build Java-based web applications using JSP and JSF with Eclipse Jakarta EE
  • Use the new Jakarta Server Faces APIs to create JSF applications
  • Work with the new Jakarta Server Pages APIs to create JSPs
  • Integrate and implement JSF and JSP together
  • Build an online ecommerce web application along the way

Who This Book Is For

Programmers new to programming in Java and programming in general.


立即開始建立基於Java的網絡應用程式,即使你對Java完全陌生。這本書全面且以實例驅動,是你開發動態Java網絡應用程式所需的全部,使用JSP連接到數據庫,並使用流行的開源Java網絡伺服器Apache Tomcat將其付諸實踐。

《Beginning Jakarta EE Web Development》是一本全面介紹使用JavaServer Pages(JSP)和Jakarta Server Pages、JavaServer Faces(JSF)和Jakarta Server Faces以及Apache Tomcat網絡應用程式伺服器建立基於Java的網絡應用程式的入門書。在過程中還涵蓋了其他API,包括JSON和基於XML的作業規範語言(JSL)。


- 使用Eclipse Jakarta EE使用JSP和JSF構建基於Java的網絡應用程式
- 使用新的Jakarta Server Faces API創建JSF應用程式
- 使用新的Jakarta Server Pages API創建JSP
- 整合和實現JSF和JSP
- 在過程中建立一個在線電子商務網絡應用程式



Luciano Manelli earned a PhD in computer science from the IT department, University of Bari - Aldo Moro. His PhD focused on grid computing and formal methods, and he published the results in international publications. Luciano obtained several certificates in the IT sector, and, in 2014, began working for the Port Network Authority of the Ionian Sea - Port of Taranto, after working for 13 years for InfoCamere SCpA. He has worked mainly in the design, analysis, and development of large software systems; research and development; testing; and production with roles of increasing responsibility in several areas over the years. Luciano has developed a great capability to make decisions in a technical and business context and is mainly interested in project management and business process management. In his current position, he deals with port community systems and software innovation. Additionally, he has written several IT books and is a contract professor at the Polytechnic of Bari (foundations of computer science), and at the University of Bari - Aldo Moro (programming for web, computer science, and computer lab).
Giulio Zambon's first love was physics, but he decided to dedicate himself to software development more than 30 years ago: back when computers were still made of transistors and core memories, programs were punched on cards, and Fortran only had arithmetic IFs. Over the years, he learned a dozen computer languages and worked with all sorts of operating systems. His specific interests were in telecom and real-time systems, and he managed several projects to their successful completion. In 2001 Giulio founded his own company offering computer telephony integration (CTI) services, and he used JSP and Tomcat exclusively to develop the web side of the service platform. Back in Australia after many years in Europe, he now dedicates himself to writing software to generate and solve numeric puzzles.


Luciano Manelli在巴里大學(Aldo Moro)的資訊科學系獲得了博士學位。他的博士研究主要集中在網格計算和形式方法上,並將研究成果發表在國際期刊上。Luciano在IT領域獲得了多個證書,並於2014年開始在Jonian Sea港口網絡管理局-塔蘭托港工作,此前他在InfoCamere SCpA工作了13年。多年來,他主要從事大型軟體系統的設計、分析和開發;研究和開發;測試;以及在多個領域中擔任不斷增加責任的角色。Luciano在技術和商業環境中做出決策的能力非常出色,主要對項目管理和業務流程管理感興趣。在他目前的職位上,他處理港口社區系統和軟體創新。此外,他還撰寫了多本IT書籍,並擔任巴里理工學院(計算機科學基礎)和巴里大學(Aldo Moro)(網頁編程、計算機科學和計算機實驗室)的合同教授。

Giulio Zambon最初熱愛物理學,但他在30多年前決定專注於軟體開發:那時候電腦還是由晶體管和核心記憶體組成,程式是打在卡片上的,Fortran只有算術IF。多年來,他學習了十幾種電腦語言,並與各種操作系統一起工作。他特別對電信和實時系統感興趣,並成功完成了多個項目的管理。2001年,Giulio創立了自己的公司,提供電腦電話集成(CTI)服務,並且他專門使用JSP和Tomcat開發服務平台的網頁端。在歐洲待了多年後,他回到澳大利亞,現在致力於開發生成和解決數字拼圖的軟體。