Electronics for Beginners: A Practical Introduction to Schematics, Circuits, and Microcontrollers

Bartlett, Jonathan

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  • 出版日期: 2020-09-02
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Jump start your journey with electronics If you've thought about getting into electronics, but don't know where to start, this book gives you the information you need. Starting with the basics of electricity and circuits, you'll be introduced to digital electronics and microcontrollers, capacitors and inductors, and amplification circuits - all while gaining the basic tools and information you need to start working with low-power electronics.
Electronics for Beginners walks the fine line of focusing on projects-based learning, while still keeping electronics front and center. You'll learn the mathematics of circuits in an uncomplicated fashion and see how schematics map on to actual breadboards. Written for the absolute beginner, this book steers clear of being too math heavy, giving readers the key information they need to get started on their electronics journey.
What You'll Learn
  • Review the basic "patterns" of resistor usage--pull up, pull down, voltage divider, and current limiter
  • Understand the requirements for circuits and how they are put together
  • Read and differentiate what various parts of the schematics do
  • Decide what considerations to take when choosing components
  • Use all battery-powered circuits, so projects are safe
Who This Book Is For
Makers, students, and beginners of any age interested in getting started with electronics.




- 回顧電阻器使用的基本模式:上拉、下拉、電壓分壓和電流限制器
- 理解電路的要求以及它們是如何組合在一起的
- 讀取並辨識原理圖的各個部分的功能
- 在選擇元件時考慮哪些因素
- 使用全電池供電的電路,確保專案的安全性



Jonathan Bartlett is a software developer, researcher, and writer. His first book, Programming from the Ground Up, has been required reading in computer science programs from DeVry to Princeton. He has been the sole or lead author for eight books on topics ranging from computer programming to calculus. He is a technical lead for ITX, where his specialty is getting stuck projects unstuck. Jonathan regularly writes for the blog MindMatters.ai.


Jonathan Bartlett是一位軟體開發者、研究員和作家。他的第一本書《Programming from the Ground Up》已成為從DeVry到Princeton的計算機科學課程的必讀教材。他是八本書的唯一或主要作者,涵蓋的主題從計算機編程到微積分。他是ITX的技術主管,專門解決困境項目。Jonathan定期為MindMatters.ai博客撰寫文章。