Intermediate C Programming for the PIC Microcontroller: Simplifying Embedded Programming

Ward, Hubert Henry

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  • 出版日期: 2020-09-29
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Delve into the exciting world of embedded programming with PIC microcontrollers in C. The key to learning how to program is to understand how the code works - and that is what you'll learn here.

Following C Programming for the PIC Microcontroller, this book continues exploring the coding required to control the PIC microcontroller and can be used as a standalone single reference, or paired with the previous title to enhance your programming skills. You'll see how to control the position of a servo motor and use the compare aspect of the CCP module to create a square wave with varying frequency. You'll also work with the capture aspect of the CCP to determine the frequency of a signal inputted to the PIC and use external and internal interrupts.

This book breaks down the programs with line-by-line analysis to give you a deep understanding of the code. After reading it you'll be able to use all three aspects of the Capture, Compare and PWM module; work with different types of interrupts; create useful projects with the 7 segment display; and use the LCD and push button keyboard.

What You'll Learn

  • Create a small musical keyboard with the PIC
  • Manage a stepper motor with the PIC
  • Use the main features of the MPLABX IDE
  • Interface the PIC to the real world
  • Design and create useful programs based around the PIC18F4525

Who This Book Is For
Engineering students and hobbyist who want to try their hand at embedded programming the PIC micros.




繼《C Programming for the PIC Microcontroller》之後,本書繼續探索控制PIC微控制器所需的編碼,可以作為獨立的單一參考資料,或與前一本書搭配使用,以提升你的編程技能。你將學習如何控制伺服馬達的位置,並使用CCP模塊的比較功能創建具有不同頻率的方波。你還將使用CCP的捕獲功能來確定輸入到PIC的信號的頻率,並使用外部和內部中斷。



- 使用PIC創建一個小型音樂鍵盤
- 使用PIC管理步進馬達
- 使用MPLABX IDE的主要功能
- 將PIC與現實世界進行接口
- 基於PIC18F4525設計和創建有用的程序



Hubert Ward has nearly 25 years of experience as a college lecturer delivering the BTEC, and now Pearson's, Higher National Certificate and Higher Diploma in Electrical & Electronic Engineering. Hubert has a 2.1 Honours Bachelor's Degree in Electrical & Electronic Engineering. Hubert has also worked as a consultant in embedded programming. His work has established his expertise in the assembler and C programming languages, within the MPLABX IDE from Microchip, as well as designing electronic circuits, and PCBs, using ECAD software. Hubert was also the UK technical expert in Mechatronics for three years, training the UK team and taking them to enter in the Skills Olympics in Seoul 2001, resulting in one of the best outcomes to date for the UK in Mechatronics.



Hubert Ward擁有近25年的大學講師經驗,教授BTEC和Pearson的高級國家證書和高級文憑課程,專攻電氣與電子工程。Hubert擁有2.1榮譽學士學位,專業為電氣與電子工程。他還曾擔任嵌入式編程顧問,並在Microchip的MPLABX IDE中的組合語言和C編程語言方面建立了專業知識,同時使用ECAD軟件設計電子電路和PCB。Hubert還擔任英國機電一體化技術專家三年,培訓英國團隊並帶領他們參加2001年首爾技能奧林匹克競賽,在機電一體化領域取得了迄今為止英國最佳成績。