Pro Google Kubernetes Engine: Network, Security, Monitoring, and Automation Configuration

Sabharwal, Navin, Pandey, Piyush

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  • 出版日期: 2020-11-08
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  • 相關分類: Kubernetes資訊安全
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Discover methodologies and best practices for getting started with Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE). This book helps you understand how GKE provides a fully managed environment to deploy and operate containerized applications on Google Cloud infrastructure.
You will see how Kubernetes makes it easier for users to manage clusters and the container ecosystem. And you will get detailed guidance on deploying and managing applications, handling administration of container clusters, managing policies, and monitoring cluster resources. You will learn how to operate the GKE environment through the GUI-based Google Cloud console and the "gcloud" command line interface.


The book starts with an introduction to GKE and associated services. The authors provide hands-on examples to set up Container Registry and GKE Cluster, and you will follow through an application deployment on GKE. Later chapters focus on securing your GCP GKE environment, GKE monitoring and dashboarding, and CI/CD automation. All of the code presented in the book is provided in the form of scripts, which allow you to try out the examples and extend them in interesting ways.

What You Will Learn

  • Understand the main container services in GCP (Google Container Registry, Google Kubernetes Engine, Kubernetes Engine, Management Services)
  • Perform hands-on steps to deploy, secure, scale, monitor, and automate your containerized environment
  • Deploy a sample microservices application on GKE
  • Deploy monitoring for your GKE environment
  • Use DevOps automation in the CI/CD pipeline and integrate it with GKE

Who This Book Is For
Architects, developers, and DevOps engineers who want to learn Google Kubernetes Engine


本書介紹了使用Google Kubernetes Engine(GKE)開始的方法和最佳實踐。本書幫助您了解GKE如何在Google Cloud基礎設施上提供完全托管的環境,以部署和運營容器化應用程序。

您將了解Kubernetes如何使用戶更容易管理集群和容器生態系統。並且您將獲得有關部署和管理應用程序、處理容器集群管理、管理策略和監控集群資源的詳細指導。您將學習如何通過基於GUI的Google Cloud控制台和“gcloud”命令行界面操作GKE環境。

本書從介紹GKE和相關服務開始。作者提供了實際示例來設置容器註冊表和GKE集群,並且您將跟隨在GKE上部署應用程序。後面的章節重點介紹了如何保護您的GCP GKE環境、GKE監控和儀表板,以及CI/CD自動化。書中提供的所有代碼都以腳本形式提供,讓您可以嘗試示例並以有趣的方式擴展它們。

- 了解GCP中的主要容器服務(Google容器註冊表、Google Kubernetes Engine、Kubernetes Engine、管理服務)
- 進行實際操作以部署、保護、擴展、監控和自動化容器化環境
- 在GKE上部署示例微服務應用程序
- 為您的GKE環境部署監控
- 在CI/CD流程中使用DevOps自動化並將其與GKE集成

本書適合架構師、開發人員和DevOps工程師,他們想要學習Google Kubernetes Engine。


Navin Sabharwal has more than 20 years of industry experience and is an innovator, thought leader, patent holder, and author in the areas of cloud computing, artificial intelligence and machine learning, public cloud, DevOps, AIOPS, infrastructure services, monitoring and management platforms, big data analytics, and software product development. He works at HCL Technologies and is responsible for DevOps, artificial intelligence, cloud life cycle management, service management, monitoring and management, IT Ops Analytics, AIOPs and machine learning, automation, operational efficiency of scaled delivery through Lean Ops, strategy, and delivery.
​Piyush Pandey has more than 10 years of industry experience. He is currently working at HCL Technologies as Automation Architect, delivering solutions catering to hybrid cloud using cloud-native and third-party solutions. The automation solutions cover use cases such as Enterprise Observability, Infra as Code, Server Automation, Runbook Automation, Cloud Management Platform, Cloud Native Automation, and Dashboard/Visibility. He is responsible for designing end-to-end solutions and architecture for enterprise automation adoption.


Navin Sabharwal擁有超過20年的行業經驗,是雲計算、人工智慧和機器學習、公共雲、DevOps、AIOPS、基礎設施服務、監控和管理平台、大數據分析和軟體產品開發領域的創新者、思想領袖、專利持有人和作者。他在HCL Technologies工作,負責DevOps、人工智慧、雲生命周期管理、服務管理、監控和管理、IT Ops Analytics、AIOPs和機器學習、自動化、通過Lean Ops實現規模化交付的運營效率、戰略和交付。

Piyush Pandey擁有超過10年的行業經驗。他目前在HCL Technologies擔任自動化架構師,提供使用雲原生和第三方解決方案的混合雲解決方案。自動化解決方案涵蓋企業可觀察性、基礎設施即代碼、服務器自動化、運行手冊自動化、雲管理平台、雲原生自動化和儀表板/可視性等用例。他負責設計企業自動化採用的端到端解決方案和架構。