Getting Started with Nsx-T: Logical Routing and Switching: The Basic Principles of Building Software-Defined Network Architectures with Vmware Nsx-T

Hoogendoorn, Iwan

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  • 出版日期: 2021-02-09
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This primer on NSX-T helps you understand the capabilities and features of NSX-T, how to configure and manage NSX-T, and integrate NSX-T with other software. The book is the first in a series that will teach you the basics of NSX-T, which is an update of VMware's original software-defined networking (SDN) architecture aimed at making networks agile and flexible.

You will become familiar with VMware's software-defined data center (SDDC) ecosystem and how NSX-T fits in. You will understand NSX-T components such as NSX-T Manager, NSX-T Edge Transport Nodes, and NSX-T Host Transport Nodes. And you will learn how to install and configure network services such as East/West and North/South routing capabilities, layer two switching, VRF, EVPN, multicast, and layer two bridging.

The book provides best practices on how to configure routing and switching features, and teaches you how to get the required visibility of not only your NSX-T platform but also your NSX-T-enabled network infrastructure.

The book explains security, advanced network features, and multi-site capabilities and demonstrates how network and security services can be offered across multiple on-premise locations with a single pane of glass for networking and security policy management. The interface with public cloud services is discussed and the book explains NSX-T operation in an on-premise private cloud and positioning and integrating NSX-T on a public cloud (off premises).


What You Will Learn

  • Understand how NSX-T fits in the VMware SDDC ecosystem
  • Know what NSX-T is, its components, and the terminology used
  • Install NSX-T
  • Configure NSX-T network services
  • Manage the NSX-T network



Who This Book Is For

Virtualization administrators, system integrators, and network administrators



這本關於 NSX-T 的入門指南將幫助您了解 NSX-T 的功能和特點,以及如何配置和管理 NSX-T,並將其與其他軟件集成。這本書是一系列教授您 NSX-T 基礎知識的第一本書,NSX-T 是 VMware 原始軟件定義網絡 (SDN) 架構的更新版本,旨在使網絡更具靈活性和彈性。

您將熟悉 VMware 軟件定義數據中心 (SDDC) 生態系統以及 NSX-T 的適應性。您將了解 NSX-T 的組件,如 NSX-T 管理器、NSX-T 邊緣傳輸節點和 NSX-T 主機傳輸節點。您還將學習如何安裝和配置網絡服務,如東/西路由能力、南/北路由能力、二層交換、VRF、EVPN、多播和二層橋接。

本書提供了配置路由和交換功能的最佳實踐,並教您如何獲取所需的可見性,不僅限於您的 NSX-T 平台,還包括您的 NSX-T 啟用的網絡基礎設施。

本書解釋了安全性、高級網絡功能和多站點能力,並演示了如何通過單一的網絡和安全策略管理界面在多個本地位置提供網絡和安全服務。書中還討論了與公共雲服務的接口,並解釋了在本地私有雲中運行 NSX-T,以及在公共雲 (離線) 上定位和集成 NSX-T。


- 了解 NSX-T 如何適應 VMware SDDC 生態系統
- 了解 NSX-T 是什麼,其組件和使用的術語
- 安裝 NSX-T
- 配置 NSX-T 網絡服務
- 管理 NSX-T 網絡




Iwan Hoogendoorn started his IT career in 1999 as a help desk agent. He began learning Microsoft products and obtained MCP, MCSA, MCDBA, and MCSE certifications.

While working as a Microsoft Systems Engineer, he developed additional skills and knowledge in computer networking with Cisco products. He dreamed of working for Cisco but first needed to finish his bachelor's degree in ICT, which he completed in 2009.

In 2010, Iwan began working for his dream company, Cisco. After finishing his master's degree in computer science at the University of Amsterdam and becoming a CCIE (#13084) in six different technology areas, he wanted to learn something new and network virtualization was the next logical step.

Iwan decided to learn VMware NSX and got the opportunity to work for VMware in 2016 as a Senior NSX PSO Consultant. In his time at VMware, he gained more knowledge on private and public clouds and the related products that VMware developed to build the Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC).

After working for four years as a Senior NSX PSO Consultant (primarily with VMware NSX-v and NSX-T), Iwan was promoted to Staff SDDC Consultant focusing on the full SDDC stack, including Hyperscaler offerings on public clouds such as AWS (VMC on AWS), Microsoft (Azure VMware Solution), and Google (Google Cloud VMware Engine).

Iwan is certified on multiple VMware products, including NSX, and is actively working with VMware certification to develop network-related exams for VMware. He is also AWS and TOGAF certified.





Iwan Hoogendoorn於1999年作為一名幫助台代理開始了他的IT職業生涯。他開始學習微軟產品並獲得了MCP、MCSA、MCDBA和MCSE認證。



Iwan決定學習VMware NSX並有機會在2016年作為高級NSX PSO顧問在VMware工作。在VMware的時間裡,他對私有雲和公有雲以及VMware為構建軟件定義數據中心(SDDC)開發的相關產品有了更多的了解。

在擔任四年高級NSX PSO顧問(主要使用VMware NSX-v和NSX-T)之後,Iwan晉升為SDDC顧問,專注於完整的SDDC堆棧,包括公有雲上的超級計算機提供商,如AWS(VMC on AWS)、Microsoft(Azure VMware Solution)和Google(Google Cloud VMware Engine)。