Mongodb Performance Tuning: Optimizing Mongodb Databases and Their Applications

Harrison, Guy, Harrison, Michael


Use this fast and complete guide to optimize the performance of MongoDB databases and the applications that depend on them. You will be able to turbo-charge the performance of your MongoDB applications to provide a better experience for your users, reduce your running costs, and avoid application growing pains. MongoDB is the world's most popular document database and the foundation for thousands of mission-critical applications. This book helps you get the best possible performance from MongoDB.
MongoDB Performance Tuning takes a methodical and comprehensive approach to performance tuning that begins with application and schema design and goes on to cover optimization of code at all levels of an application. The book also explains how to configure MongoDB hardware and cluster configuration for optimal performance. The systematic approach in the book helps you treat the true causes of performance issues and get the best return on your tuning investment. Even when you're under pressure and don't know where to begin, simply follow the method in this book to set things right and get your MongoDB performance back on track.

What You Will Learn

  • Apply a methodical approach to MongoDB performance tuning
  • Understand how to design an efficient MongoDB application
  • Optimize MongoDB document design and indexing strategies
  • Tune MongoDB queries, aggregation pipelines, and transactions
  • Optimize MongoDB server resources: CPU, memory, disk
  • Configure MongoDB Replica sets and Sharded clusters for optimal performance

Who This Book Is For
Developers and administrators of high-performance MongoDB applications who want to be sure they are getting the best possible performance from their MongoDB system. For developers who wish to create applications that are fast, scalable, and cost-effective. For administrators who want to optimize their MongoDB server and hardware configuration.


Guy Harrison is CTO at ProvenDB, a partner at Toba Capital, and a software professional with more than 20 years of experience in database design, development, administration, and optimization. He is the author of Next Generation Databases (Apress) and other books and articles on database technology. He is a MongoDB certified DBA and developer, and an Oracle ACE.
Michael Harrison is the lead developer at ProvenDB, working intimately with MongoDB from both an application and database perspective. He is a co-author of The MongoDB Workshop as well as senior developer of DBKoda, an open-source development environment for MongoDB.