CI/CD Pipeline Using Jenkins Unleashed: Solutions While Setting Up CI/CD Processes

Dingare, Pranoday

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Understand continuous integration (CI), continuous delivery, and continuous deployment (CD) with Jenkins. These processes allow users as well as administrators to catch problems as soon as they get injected into software systems.

This book starts with an introduction to Jenkins and covers its architecture and role in CI/CD. The basics are covered, including installing and configuring Jenkins. Tool configuration and plugins are discussed as well as available security measures such as credentials. You will learn  what is meant by Job in Jenkins, its types, sections, and much more. You will look at Java API: projects, jobs, configuration. The concluding chapters take you through creating pipelines, their role in managing web apps, and distributed pipelines. The book also covers unit testing using TestNG as well as end-to-end testing using Selenium Python as a part of building a life cycle and setting up Jenkins on different physical and Docker environments as well as Jenkins integration with cloud environments such as AWS. And you will learn how to create reusable libraries for use in Jenkins Pipeline and control Jenkins servers using Jenkins CLI and REST APIs. The new Jenkins Blue Ocean also is covered.

The book helps you understand CI/CD implementation using Jenkins from scratch in your projects and prepare for end-to-end DevOps practices.


What You Will Learn

- Apply Jenkins to create end-to-end pipelines
- Integrate Jenkins with AWS, Docker, Git, and many more tools
- Use Selenium automation for end-to-end testing
- Create distributed pipelines

Who Is This Book For

Developers and test automation professionals who are involved in creating CI/CD pipelines as well as prospective DevOps aspirants who want to make their way ahead as professionals



本書從介紹Jenkins開始,涵蓋其架構和在CI/CD中的角色。首先介紹基礎知識,包括安裝和配置Jenkins。討論了工具配置和插件,以及可用的安全措施,如憑證。您將學習Jenkins中的工作(Job)的含義、類型、部分等等。還將介紹Java API:項目、工作、配置。最後幾章將帶您了解如何創建流水線,以及它們在管理Web應用程序和分佈式流水線中的作用。本書還涵蓋使用TestNG進行單元測試,以及使用Selenium Python進行端對端測試,作為構建生命週期和在不同物理和Docker環境中設置Jenkins以及Jenkins與AWS等雲環境的集成的一部分。您還將學習如何創建可在Jenkins Pipeline中使用的可重用庫,以及使用Jenkins CLI和REST API控制Jenkins服務器。還介紹了新的Jenkins Blue Ocean。



- 使用Jenkins創建端對端流水線
- 將Jenkins與AWS、Docker、Git等工具集成
- 使用Selenium自動化進行端對端測試
- 創建分佈式流水線



Pranoday Dingare is a certified software testing professional with more than 15 years of experience in software testing, including more than 10 years in automation testing. Pranoday has been leading test automation of mobile applications for the last eight years and has been involved in test automation tools evangelism, R&D, proof of concept, and pilot projects. He has worked as a freelance test automation consultant for various startups and mid-sized IT companies from India and abroad. Pranoday's open-source test automation tools have successfully replaced licensed automation tools, leading to major savings. He is responsible for incorporating DevOps practices into test automation processes of organizations by implementing DevOps tools such as Jenkins, Gitlab, Nexus, Docker, etc. Pranoday is a tutor who has been involved in software testing and DevOps training for more than nine years, including conducting more than 200 retail and corporate trainings on the latest test automation and DevOps tools. He is a blogger on the latest test automation tools and technologies. Pranoday is passionate about working as a test automation architect, teaching and sharing knowledge on the latest tools and technologies, and helping professionals achieve their dreams.


Pranoday Dingare是一位具有超過15年軟體測試經驗的認證軟體測試專業人士,其中包括超過10年的自動化測試經驗。在過去的八年中,Pranoday一直在領導手機應用程式的測試自動化工作,並參與了測試自動化工具的推廣、研發、概念驗證和試點項目。他曾經為來自印度和國外的各種初創企業和中型IT公司擔任自由職業測試自動化顧問。Pranoday的開源測試自動化工具成功取代了授權的自動化工具,節省了大量成本。他負責將DevOps實踐納入組織的測試自動化流程中,並實施Jenkins、Gitlab、Nexus、Docker等DevOps工具。Pranoday是一位導師,從事軟體測試和DevOps培訓已超過九年,包括進行超過200次關於最新測試自動化和DevOps工具的零售和企業培訓。他是一位關於最新測試自動化工具和技術的部落客。Pranoday熱衷於擔任測試自動化架構師,教授和分享最新工具和技術的知識,並幫助專業人士實現他們的夢想。