Pro iPhone Development with SwiftUI: Design and Manage Top Quality Apps

Wang, Wallace

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You know the basics. Your Swift code flows with logic and ease. This isn't your first time building a workable app for iOS platforms. Now, it's time to build a magical app for iOS platforms! Move beyond what you mastered in the best-selling Beginning iPhone Development with SwiftUI. Debug Swift code, use multi-threaded programming with Grand Central Dispatch, pass data between view controllers, and design apps functional in multiple languages.

Not only will your apps run like magic under the hood but, with the new standard of SwiftUI, you'll add animations, scaling, multiscreen support, and so much more to your interfaces. You’ll also see how to integrate audio and video files in your apps, access the camera and send pictures to and from the Photos library, use location services to pinpoint your user's position on a map, and display web pages in-app. Don't just stop at flawless code and stickily engaging interfaces. Give your apps a mind with Apple’s advanced frameworks for machine learning, facial and text recognition, and augmented reality.

Pro iPhone Development with SwiftUI enlightens you to the world of rich design, solid code, and thoughtful processing needed to make apps that wow. Integrate all these extraordinary iOS features and embrace the world of possibilities in the Swift programming language with SwiftUI.  

What You Will Learn

• Save and retrieve data when apps close or get pushed in the background
• Recognize speech with Apple’s advanced frameworks 
• Create augmented reality apps
• Understand spoken commands with Siri

Who This Book is For
Aspiring iOS app developers familiar with the Apple Swift programming language and/or the iOS SDK, but ready to move to the next level.


你已經掌握了基礎知識。你的 Swift 代碼流暢而易懂。這不是你第一次為 iOS 平台建立可運行的應用程式。現在,是時候為 iOS 平台建立一個神奇的應用程式了!超越你在暢銷書《Beginning iPhone Development with SwiftUI》中所掌握的技能。除了調試 Swift 代碼、使用多線程編程的 Grand Central Dispatch、在視圖控制器之間傳遞數據以及設計支援多種語言的應用程式之外,你還將學習到更多。

你的應用程式不僅在內部運行得像魔法一樣,而且還可以使用 SwiftUI 的新標準為界面添加動畫、縮放、多屏支援等功能。你還將學習如何在應用程式中集成音頻和視頻文件,訪問相機並在照片庫中傳送照片,使用定位服務在地圖上標記用戶位置,以及在應用程式中顯示網頁。不僅僅停留在無瑕的代碼和引人入勝的界面上,還可以使用蘋果的先進框架進行機器學習、面部和文本識別以及擴增實境等。

《Pro iPhone Development with SwiftUI》將帶你進入豐富設計、堅實代碼和深思熟慮的處理的世界,以創造令人驚嘆的應用程式。在 Swift 編程語言和 SwiftUI 中,整合所有這些非凡的 iOS 功能,並擁抱無限可能性的世界。


- 在應用程式關閉或被推到後台時保存和檢索數據
- 使用蘋果的先進框架識別語音
- 創建擴增實境應用程式
- 了解 Siri 的口語命令

適合對蘋果 Swift 編程語言和/或 iOS SDK 有一定了解,並準備提升到更高水平的初級 iOS 應用程式開發者。


Wallace Wang is a former Windows enthusiast who took one look at Vista and realized that the future of computing belonged to the Mac. He's written more than 40 computer books, including Microsoft Office for Dummies, Beginning Programming for Dummies, Steal This Computer Book, My New Mac, and My New iPad. In addition to programming the Mac and iPhone/iPad, he also performs stand-up comedy, having appeared on A&E s "Evening at the Improv," and having performed in Las Vegas at the Riviera Comedy Club at the Riviera Hotel & Casino. When he’s not writing computer books or performing stand-up comedy, he also enjoys blogging about screenwriting at his site, The 15 Minute Movie Method, where he shares screenwriting tips with other aspiring screenwriters who all share the goal of breaking into Hollywood.


Wallace Wang是一位前Windows愛好者,他一看到Vista就意識到未來的計算機屬於Mac。他已經寫了40多本電腦書籍,包括《Microsoft Office for Dummies》、《Beginning Programming for Dummies》、《Steal This Computer Book》、《My New Mac》和《My New iPad》。除了編程Mac和iPhone/iPad外,他還從事脫口秀表演,曾在A&E的《Evening at the Improv》節目中亮相,並在拉斯維加斯的Riviera Hotel & Casino的Riviera Comedy Club演出。當他不寫電腦書籍或表演脫口秀時,他還喜歡在他的網站The 15 Minute Movie Method上寫博客,分享關於編劇的技巧,與其他有志進入好萊塢的編劇共同追求目標。


Chapter 1: Organizing Code

Chapter 2: Debugging Code

Chapter 3: Understanding Closures

Chapter 4: Multithreaded Programming with Grand Central Dispatch

Chapter 5: Understanding the Application Life Cycle

Chapter 6: Understanding Data Persistence

Chapter 7: Passing Data Between Files

Chapter 8: Translating with Localization

Chapter 9: Using 3D Touch

Chapter 10: Detecting Motion and Orientation

Chapter 11: Using Location and Maps

Chapter 12: Playing Audio and Video

Chapter 13: Using the Camera

Chapter 14: Using WebKit

Chapter 15: Displaying Animation

Chapter 16: Using Machine Learning

Chapter 17: Using Facial and Text Recognition

Chapter 18: Using Speech

Chapter 19: Understanding SiriKit

Chapter 20: Understanding ARKit

Chapter 21: Interacting with Augmented Reality.





第4章:使用Grand Central Dispatch進行多線程編程





第9章:使用3D Touch