Linux for Small Business Owners: Using Free and Open Source Software to Power Your Dreams

Both, David, Bulka, Cyndi

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  • 出版日期: 2022-07-22
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  • ISBN-13: 9781484282632
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Learn how you can take complete control and run your small business with powerful, free open source software (FOSS). This book introduces small business owners to the power and security of Linux and other FOSS tools to manage any small business as well as the many advantages it has over expensive, proprietary software. While exploring the reasons for using Free Open Source Software, you'll investigate the assertion that, "The value of any software lies in its usefulness not in its price," set forth by Linux Torvalds, the creator of Linux.
This book examines the use of Linux and also the other Free Open Source Software you need to meet your business challenges including the usual accounting, Email, web browsing, word-processing tasks. You will be introduced to advanced tools such as those that enable you to create audio and video clips you can use to promote your business or that can even be your primary product, such as how-to instruction.
Most small business owners perform many tasks including that of administering their computers. This book shows you how to find and install new software you need to run your business and keep it up to date using the tools already provided by Linux and the secure, trusted repositories available online. It also explores how to decide which tasks to do in-house and which you might want to sub out to external resources such as advertising and contact services to attract and keep customers.
Linux for Small Business Owners provides some logic, reason, and explanation for each of the steps that are needed and the tools used to implement Linux in your small business. It is a detailed guide to removing Windows from your computers and installing Linux and some commonly used open source software like the LibreOffice suite of programs, accounting, and other software useful to many small businesses. It also provides the information and tools necessary to manage and maintain Linux and applications up-to-date and secure.

What You'll Learn


  • Understand what the term free/open source means and how you can apply it to your business.
  • Look at the operational and financial advantages of using Free Open Source Software instead of expensive, proprietary software.
  • See why you will never need to pay for anti-virus and anti-malware software again.
  • Replace expensive software like Microsoft Office with open source tools such as LibreOffice
  • Review the factors required to make an informed decision about switching to Linux.
  • Install new applications, updates to Linux, and the application software.
  • Explore why backups are critical, how to create them, and how to use them to restore lost data.


Who This Book Is For

Ideal for small business owners and owner-operated small businesses looking to streamline operations, save money, time and energy managing the common problems associated with using more popular operating systems.


了解如何使用強大的免費開源軟體(FOSS)完全掌控並運營您的小型企業。本書向小型企業業主介紹了Linux和其他FOSS工具的強大和安全性,以管理任何小型企業,並介紹了它相對於昂貴的專有軟體的許多優勢。在探索使用免費開源軟體的原因時,您將調查Linux的創造者Linux Torvalds提出的「任何軟體的價值在於其有用性而非價格」的主張。



《Linux for Small Business Owners》為您的小型企業在實施Linux時所需的每個步驟和工具提供了一些邏輯、原因和解釋。它是一本詳細的指南,指導您如何從計算機中移除Windows並安裝Linux,以及一些常用的開源軟體,如LibreOffice套件、會計和其他對許多小型企業有用的軟體。它還提供了管理和維護Linux和應用程式的最新和安全的資訊和工具。


- 了解「免費/開源」一詞的含義,以及如何應用於您的業務。
- 瞭解使用免費開源軟體而不是昂貴的專有軟體的運營和財務優勢。
- 看看為什麼您再也不需要支付防病毒和防惡意軟體的費用。
- 使用開源工具(如LibreOffice)替換昂貴的軟體(如Microsoft Office)。
- 審查做出關於轉換到Linux的明智決策所需的因素。
- 安裝新應用程式、Linux更新和應用程式軟體。
- 探索備份的重要性,如何創建備份,以及如何使用備份來恢復丟失的資料。


- 小型企業業主和自營小型企業,希望簡化業務運營,節省金錢、時間和精力,解決使用更流行的操作系統時常見的問題。


​David Both is an Open Source Software and GNU/Linux advocate, trainer, writer, and speaker. He has been working with Linux and Open Source Software for more than 25 years and has been working with computers for over 50 years. He is a strong proponent of and evangelist for the Linux Philosophy for System Administrators. David has been in the IT industry for over forty years.

David prefers to purchase the components and build his own computers from scratch to ensure that each new computer meets his exacting specifications.

He has written articles for magazines including, Linux Magazine, Linux Journal, and OS/2 Magazine back when there was such a thing. His article Complete Kickstart, co-authored with a colleague at Cisco, was ranked 9th in the Linux Magazine Top Ten Best System Administration Articles list for 2008. He currently writes for and Enable SysAdmin, both of which are supported by Red Hat. He particularly enjoys learning new things while researching his articles.

David has published four books with Apress, "The Linux Philosophy for SysAdmins," August 2018, and a three volume self-study training course, "Using and Administering Linux -- From Zero to SysAdmin," released in December, 2019

David currently lives in Raleigh, NC, with his very supportive wife and a strange rescue dog that is mostly Jack Russell. David also likes reading, travel, the beach, and spending time with his two children, their spouses, and four grand-children.

David can be reached at or on Twitter @LinuxGeek46.


Cyndi Bulka is a Health Coach and Yoga Specialist and currently owns and operates Zakti Health, a small business offering therapeutic Yoga, Yoga teacher training, Yoga and wellness retreats and health/wellness individual and group coaching programs.

Prior to Zakti Health, she was the owner operator of Moving Mantra Yoga Studio in Raleigh, NC. She has been teaching Yoga for more than 25 years. Cyndi has traveled the world to obtain multiple trainings as a teacher, qualifying at the highest recognized level of certification. She obtained her Health Coaching training at Duke University's Integrative Health Center in Durham, NC in 2014.

Cyndi is a creative writer and poet, a lover of nature, an avid traveler, dedicated Yogi and passionate teacher. She enjoys hiking, gardening, music festivals and cooking. As the mother of two adult children and one rescue dog, grandmother to 4 precious grandchildren, and dedicated partner to a wonderfully supportive man, she stays happily busy. She currently resides in Raleigh, NC.

Cyndi can be reached at or via her website


David Both是一位開源軟體和GNU/Linux的倡導者、培訓師、作家和演講者。他已經從事Linux和開源軟體工作超過25年,並且從事電腦工作超過50年。他是Linux系統管理員哲學的堅定支持者和傳教士。David在IT行業已經超過四十年。


他曾為雜誌撰寫文章,包括Linux Magazine、Linux Journal和OS/2 Magazine(當時還有這樣的雜誌)。他與Cisco的一位同事合著的文章《Complete Kickstart》在2008年的Linux Magazine十大最佳系統管理文章中排名第9。他目前為OpenSource.com和Enable SysAdmin撰寫文章,這兩個網站都得到了紅帽公司的支持。他特別喜歡在研究文章時學習新事物。

David已經出版了四本書,包括2018年8月出版的《The Linux Philosophy for SysAdmins》和2019年12月發行的三卷自學培訓課程《Using and Administering Linux -- From Zero to SysAdmin》。


可以通過LinuxGeek46@both.org或Twitter @LinuxGeek46與David聯繫。

Cyndi Bulka是一位健康教練和瑜伽專家,目前擁有並經營Zakti Health,一家提供治療性瑜伽、瑜伽教師培訓、瑜伽和健康度假和健康/健康個人和團體輔導計劃的小型企業。

在成立Zakti Health之前,她是北卡羅來納州羅利的Moving Mantra瑜伽工作室的業主。她已經教授瑜伽超過25年。Cyndi為了成為一名教師,曾經周遊世界接受多次培訓,並取得了最高認可的認證水平。她在2014年在杜克大學的整合健康中心獲得了健康教練培訓。