Pytorch Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach to Build, Train and Deploy Neural Network Models

Mishra, Pradeepta

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  • 出版日期: 2022-12-08
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  • 語言: 英文
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  • ISBN: 1484289242
  • ISBN-13: 9781484289242
  • 相關分類: DeepLearning
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Learn how to use PyTorch to build neural network models using code snippets updated for this second edition. This book includes new chapters covering topics such as distributed PyTorch modeling, deploying PyTorch models in production, and developments around PyTorch with updated code.
You'll start by learning how to use tensors to develop and fine-tune neural network models and implement deep learning models such as LSTMs, and RNNs. Next, you'll explore probability distribution concepts using PyTorch, as well as supervised and unsupervised algorithms with PyTorch. This is followed by a deep dive on building models with convolutional neural networks, deep neural networks, and recurrent neural networks using PyTorch. This new edition covers also topics such as Scorch, a compatible module equivalent to the Scikit machine learning library, model quantization to reduce parameter size, and preparing a model for deployment within a production system. Distributed parallel processing for balancing PyTorch workloads, using PyTorch for image processing, audio analysis, and model interpretation are also covered in detail. Each chapter includes recipe code snippets to perform specific activities.
By the end of this book, you will be able to confidently build neural network models using PyTorch.
What You Will Learn

  • Utilize new code snippets and models to train machine learning models using PyTorch
  • Train deep learning models with fewer and smarter implementations
  • Explore the PyTorch framework for model explainability and to bring transparency to model interpretation
  • Build, train, and deploy neural network models designed to scale with PyTorch
  • Understand best practices for evaluating and fine-tuning models using PyTorch
  • Use advanced torch features in training deep neural networks
  • Explore various neural network models using PyTorch
  • Discover functions compatible with sci-kit learn compatible models
  • Perform distributed PyTorch training and execution

Who This Book Is ForMachine learning engineers, data scientists and Python programmers and software developers interested in learning the PyTorch framework.






  • 使用新的程式碼片段和模型來使用PyTorch訓練機器學習模型

  • 使用更少且更智能的實現來訓練深度學習模型

  • 探索PyTorch框架以實現模型的可解釋性和透明度

  • 使用PyTorch建立、訓練和部署可擴展的神經網絡模型

  • 了解使用PyTorch評估和微調模型的最佳實踐

  • 在訓練深度神經網絡時使用高級torch功能

  • 使用PyTorch探索各種神經網絡模型

  • 發現與sci-kit learn相容模型相容的函數

  • 執行分散式PyTorch訓練和執行



Pradeepta Mishra is the Director of AI, Fosfor at L&T Infotech (LTI), leading a large group of Data Scientists, computational linguistics experts, Machine Learning and Deep Learning experts in building the next-generation product, 'Leni, ' the world's first virtual data scientist. He has expertise across core branches of Artificial Intelligence including Autonomous ML and Deep Learning pipelines, ML Ops, Image Processing, Audio Processing, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Natural Language Generation (NLG), design and implementation of expert systems, and personal digital assistants. In 2019 and 2020, he was named one of "India's Top "40Under40DataScientists" by Analytics India Magazine. Two of his books are translated into Chinese and Spanish based on popular demand.

He delivered a keynote session at the Global Data Science conference 2018, USA. He has delivered a TEDx talk on "Can Machines Think?", available on the official TEDx YouTube channel. He has mentored more than 2000 data scientists globally. He has delivered 200+ tech talks on data science, ML, DL, NLP, and AI in various Universities, meetups, technical institutions, and community-arranged forums. He is a visiting faculty member to more than 10 universities, where he teaches deep learning and machine learning to professionals, and mentors them in pursuing a rewarding career in Artificial Intelligence.




Pradeepta Mishra是L&T Infotech(LTI)的AI Fosfor部門主管,領導一個由數據科學家、計算語言學專家、機器學習和深度學習專家組成的大型團隊,致力於打造下一代產品「Leni」,這是世界上第一個虛擬數據科學家。他在人工智能的核心領域具有專業知識,包括自主機器學習和深度學習流程、機器學習運營、圖像處理、音頻處理、自然語言處理(NLP)、自然語言生成(NLG)、專家系統的設計和實施,以及個人數字助手。2019年和2020年,他被《Analytics India》雜誌評為「印度40位40歲以下的頂尖數據科學家」之一。他的兩本書根據廣大需求已經被翻譯成中文和西班牙文。

他在2018年的全球數據科學大會上發表了主題演講。他在官方TEDx YouTube頻道上發表了一場名為「機器能思考嗎?」的TEDx演講。他在全球指導了2000多名數據科學家。他在各個大學、聚會、技術機構和社區組織的論壇上發表了200多場有關數據科學、機器學習、深度學習、自然語言處理和人工智能的技術演講。他是10多所大學的客座教師,教授專業人士深度學習和機器學習,並指導他們在人工智能領域追求有價值的職業生涯。